Vital MX Perspective: Light The Fuse


If you've never been there, it's hard to describe the constant stream of calls of, "Redddd Buuuud!" from the fans who make the annual trek to what many consider the best race of the Summer season. A good portion of it is the party, and the Fourth of July celebration. But for serious moto fans, it's hard to pack in more racing and spectating into a single weekend. Amateur racing on the main track? Sure. Night racing on multiple nights? You bet. It's maximum moto overload, and everything from the family-friendly midway, to the crazed action of Lot B.

Then there are the fireworks on and off the track. Zach Osborne has been dominating the 250 class so far, with plenty of wins, and an average finish of around third. Behind him, it's been a struggle for consistency. Jeremy Martin looked like he might bring the heat at RedBud, taking a moto win and grabbing the holeshot in the second moto. But he lost the front end heading into the first right-hander, and had to spend the rest of the moto trying to minimize the damage. A crash bit Alex Martin, too, while he was leading the second moto.

In the 450 class, that's where you'll find the real fireworks. A new dose of speed had Blake Baggett wearing the red plate for two rounds, and letting everyone know that he was feeling it. While that may have rubbed his competitors the wrong way, he'd mostly backed it up. At RedBud he was closing on race-leader Eli Tomac at the end of moto one, and he grabbed the early lead before being passed by Justin Barcia...and then going down after tangling with Jason Anderson. For his part, Eli made the big noise at RedBud with a pair of moto wins, and more importantly, reclaiming the red leader's plate.

We'll have to wait and see if there are any lingering issues with the thumb that Blake Baggett damaged in that second moto crash, but in the meantime you can check out the action from RedBud, and dream of a visit there if you haven't made it there before. If you believe all the rumors, the world will have a chance to check it out next year, when the Motocross of Nations will take place there. That'd be a whole new level of crazy that we can't wait to see.

Perfect weather, a prime track, a full house of hyped spectators, and a pack of riders charging toward the first turn. That's what RedBud is all about.

naterbomb88: "REDDD BUDDDDD!!!"

Jeremy Martin grabbed the holeshot in moto one of the 250s, and you could tell he was on a mission to maximize points here.

After taking the 250 win in Muddy Creek, Aaron Plessinger didn't have quite the same success in RedBud. A 6-11 day landed him in sixth overall.

A fourth in moto one by Austin Forkner was as good as it got for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki crew. Mitch can't be pumped about only two of their guys cracking the lower half of the top ten.

NorCal 50+: "Was expecting Ferrandis & Plessinger to have passed Forkner by now but he's doing a great job keeping them behind him. Battle is on between Osborne & Martin!
I don't think I have seen a single pass since I tuned in. They are all wide-open...hopefully the track will roughen up."

Zach Osborne put the pressure on Jeremy Martin at the end of moto one, but settled for second.

TheOriginalPancakee: "Everyone complaining about not being able to watch the races...get the damn nbc sports gold..it's 50$ to watch a whole season of racing."

Christian Craig tossed himself on the ground in the morning practice, but rebounded and grabbed the holeshot in the first 450 moto.

pilotdude: "Hoping for Tomac/Baggett slugfest."

Marvin Musquin was obviously feeling much better this week and took over the lead from Christian Craig after three laps.

Motocross83: "What a barn burner this is turning into! Marvin changed the dynamics, at least temporarily."

After Marvin led for a couple laps, Eli Tomac took over the top spot. After making the pass, he went for a quick boot adjustment over the newly-configured LaRocco's Leap.

Blake Baggett started third, was fourth briefly, and put on a charge near the end of the moto that had him close to Eli Tomac...but he had to settle for second.

VilloFan951: "Hopefully Tomac's mechanic tells him Baggett is closing in."
RangerLee: "Doubt Baggett is in Eli's head, Baggett did his best and still finished behind him. Eli is his own competition right now, if he can stay on two wheels, he will finish ahead. Baggett just lets Eli get too far out front early on, and I am sure that is frustrating, having to push like a mad man to play catch up later in the race. That really raises the risk of a big get-off.
Still fun to watch."

Justin Barcia doing a little mid-moto glove cleaning. He was seventh in moto one.

After tweaking his wrist in practice at Muddy Creek, Josh Grant had it checked out at home. A last-minute decision had him back in action for RedBud...after a press release had been sent out saying that he'd be sidelined for the weekend. Miss all the fun? No way. He scored a tenth in moto one, and a fifth in moto two for sixth overall.

Jeremy Martin scored the holeshot again to start the second 250 moto, but lost the front end in the first turn. He watched the pack go by, and then got to work, climbing all the way back to eighth by the end of the. Combined with his win from the first moto, he still grabbed the final spot on the podium.

For a little bit of the second 250 moto, it was like some alternate universe, with riders up front that we haven't seen up there for most of the season. Justin Hill's fifth was his best so far this season.

Luke Renzland was another rider going way over his average finish. He was in third for over half the moto, before eventually finishing in sixth spot.

Alex Martin led the first ten laps of the second moto, and had a good shot at the overall win, but a crash dropped him to third. His 3-3 netted him second overall.

After the crash by Alex Martin, Mitchell Harrison took over the lead for three laps. But he latched onto Zach Osborne when he got by, and kept the pressure on.

Dylan Ferrandis' 5-4 landed him in fifth spot, which was a good rebound after a tough weekend at Muddy Creek.

Zach Osborne got by Mitchell Harrison with three laps to go. Mitchell kept it close, though, and at the finish you could tell that he knew he'd missed a moto win by just that much. It has been some impressive progress for him this season, but the second in moto two, and fourth overall was a big step forward here.

Motocross83: "Nicely done Zach, good fight from Harrison too, impressive."

At this point in the season, Zach Osborne has a very healthy points lead, and everything's clicking. It's on to Southwick for him.

kzizok: "Should see some fireworks in this second 450 moto."

During the second moto start, Blake Baggett suddenly hooked up and shot out to a big lead heading into the first turn. Justin Barcia held it on a bit longer, and took over the lead exiting the first turn. Jason Anderson also forced his way past Blake, and unfortunately the KTM rider went down and went to the back of the pack. He made his way back to tenth spot, but afterwards the word was that he'd tweaked his thumb. X-Rays at the track were negative, but he'll have it checked out this week.

KirkChandler: "(Baggett) pulled a holeshot, Barcia passed him in turn 3, then Anderson and Baggett came together in the off-camber and Baggett went down. First to last in 7 corners."

Justin Barcia being cheered on by his mechanic, Ben Schiermeyer. Justin led the first seven laps of moto two before a crash dropped him to fifth. He eventually finished sixth, and combined with his seventh in moto one, he was fifth overall.

Eli Tomac was third behind Jason Anderson early in the moto, but had already moved by him with Justin Barcia went down.

Weston Peick had a crash heading into the first turn to start moto one, and he came back to 14th at the finish. The highlight of his day? Fourth in moto two after battling his AutoTrader.com/Suzuki/JGRMX teammate, Justin Barcia.

Motocross83: "Awesome, absolutely awesome!

I have to say AMA MX is where it's at for me this year, both classes. Coupled with a great streaming package this year, finally."

Marvin Musquin was looking much better this weekend than he did at Muddy Creek. A pair of thirds netted him second overall.

A 1-1 day, combined with Blake Baggett's troubles in the second moto was enough to put the red leader's plate back on Eli Tomac's Monster Energy Kawasaki for next weekend at Southwick.

PRM31: "Sometimes when you poke the dragon, it pokes back. Eli is alive and well. Rest of the season should be great! Hopefully we have a championship on the line at Budds!"

The fans at Southwick are a special breed, but the gang who line the fences at the podium are on another level. They are so into it, and so vocal, it makes for a unique experience for the riders. They do their part to return the love...or at least some champagne.

Beeby: "Got back a few hours ago. What a day. Perfect weather, great venue and superb racing. We saw our man nearly get nailed by the that bike with the throttle stuck too, Man, that bike flew!"