Vital MX Forum QNA: Kyle Bentley


This week's guest in the Vital MX Forum QNA is Kyle Bentley. Kyle has worked his way up through the ranks on the technical side, wrenching back in the day over at Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki with Christophe Pourcel (and scoring the '09 and '10 250 East SX titles). Over the last handful of years, he's been at RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing, moving into the Team Manager's spot. Of course, they wrapped up the 450 outdoor title with Ken Roczen last summer, and they've been putting in some good results this summer with Broc Tickle and Justin Bogle. Bring your best questions, and he'll be peeking in here this week to answer them. As always, keep it respectful, and ask questions that you would like in a face-to-face meeting. If you want to see previous Vital MX Forum QNAs, click the Forum QNA tag below the subject line. (Check below to see what it looks like.)

Good seeing you make it to the top Kyle, I remember when you were Jimmy Wilsons mechanic and riding with you at Jaimes track in Manchester, Mi years ago.

So I guess my quesiton is, are you and Larry Brooks cool with each other after the Wilson/ Langston rumble years ago?