Top 10: Spring Creek


Spring Creek always provides a great platform for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship riders to show off their skills. But this time around, it was an even bigger challenge. A bunch of rain in the days before the race left the track rutted, deep, and filled with soft spots that surprised more than a few riders. In fact, it was so wet that the uphill section was almost removed from the course because they weren't sure that they could get medical help to the top if needed. During the motos, we saw both points leaders (and a bunch of others) hit the deck.

Before we get rolling on the top ten for each class, we'll drop these here. Henry Miller has been showing some impressive results this season, after moving up to the 450 class. Being from nearby Rochester, MN, he definitely qualified as a hometown hero (though he spends lots of time at Club MX in South Carolina). He nailed the start in the second moto, and had this moment of glory...

...before things went bad really fast. What's interesting is that he rebounded to 14th after remounting at the tail end of the field.

Okay, now on to our regular Top Ten.

450 Class

1The knee injury that put a damper on the middle part of Marvin Musquin's seemed like a distant memory this week. A pair of strong moto wins gave him the overall this time around. Matt Bisceglia (43) made his presence felt on this start, in his first race back after a long time off due to injury.

2Dean Wilson has been the pleasant surprise of the summer. With Jason Anderson ailing from a road bike crash, Dean was the top dog on the Rockstar Husky squad, and a 3-3 day nabbed him second overall.

3The 450 points leader, Eli Tomac, had to work his way through the pack in moto one to finish second, and a crash in moto two resulted in a fifth-place finish.

4Blake Baggett (4) was sixth in the first moto, and didn't look like his usual self. Moto two was more like usual, and he scored a second behind Marvin Musquin.

5Cooper Webb (being chased here by Blake Baggett) was fifth this week after checking in with a 4-9 day.

6Justin Barcia went on a hair diet this week, lopping off the long hair that he'd been rocking for the early part of the season. His 5-8 scores resulted in a sixth-place overall.

7The high point of Martin Davalos' day was a fourth in moto two.

8Cole Seely was eighth this week, with an 8-6 score.

9Yeah, it's a weird day when a 7-7 score nets you ninth overall. This was Christian Craig's most consistent day of the season to date.

10Fredrik Noren's day at Spring Creek didn't include nearly as much drama as he had in Southwick, and he scored a 13-10 for the day.

250 Class

1Joey Savatgy said after the race that some Florida suspension testing with the Showa crew had given him something that he'd been looking for. It showed in Spring Creek, as he motored to a 1-2 day, and the overall win. He was one of only a small handful of 250s to make the leap on the uphill triple this year.

2Alex Martin's 2-4 moto scored nabbed him second overall on the day. Here, he and his brother, Jeremy, go at it on the downhill.

3The 250 points leader, Zach Osborne, dodged a bullet in moto one, when a head gasket problem had his Husqvarna huffing and puffing. He nursed it in for an eighth. He started sixth in moto two, and despite a crash, charged back to win that one. He still has a nearly two moto lead on the field.

4The big uphill was really rutted and nasty. Jeremy Martin's 4-5 netted him fourth on the day. If you believe internet rumors, he's headed for the 450 class next year. We're not so sure about that.

5A day of bashing through the sand rollers at Spring Creek is tough, but Adam Cianciarulo is ready for it. He was sixth in both motos.

6His butt patch may say RJ Who?, but his last four motos have been solid, and with the 5-7 he turned in here, his competitors know RJ Hampshire.

7Aaron Plessinger was third in moto one, but dropped to 12th in moto two. That put him in seventh overall. Check out the knob pattern in the sand.

8A crash in moto two didn't help out Dylan Ferrandis, and he left Spring Creek with a 7-8 day.

9Shane McElrath was sixth in moto one, but a killer start in moto two helped his cause at Spring Creek, as he finished third in this one.

10The 9-13 moto scores turned in by Colt Nichols garnered him a top ten overall. As you can see, he was hitting the right side of the uphill section to avoid some of the nastier ruts.