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Michael's Take: Stuff happens Cole, thank you for going over when others wouldn't or couldn't. I really hope you get selected again in the future to get some redemption. Until then, head up man, we'll see you at the next race.

Michael's Take: Welcome back for another year behind the gate JG.

​Michael's Take: It's the little things...

Michael's Take: Congrats on the new gig Andrew! Hold her wide and good luck!

Michael's Take: Pretty cool rig setup for the MXGP HRC squad.

Michael's Take: Wil Hahn is taking care of a pretty full crew.

Michael's Take: Four-for-four; Paulin, Charlier, and Febvre killed it again and will rock the top three numbers at next year's MXdN here in the USA. Good luck to the French, next year will probably be their toughest challenge as they try to make it five in a row.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Carey gives us some two stroke love.  

Scottie's Take: MXoN had some cool trophies. 

Scottie's Take: Check out Carson Mumford's SX set up, so dialed. 

Scottie's Take: The GOAT section at the AMA Hall of Fame is pretty impressive. 

Scottie's Take: Speaking of RC, I would love to hear this baby bark.

Scottie's Take: I saw this one coming before it happened LOL  

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Scottie's Take: Congrats Team France on their fourth straight MXoN win. See you next week!