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Michael's Take: Just a few more days...

Michael's Take: HA! There was some fun to be had after this championship...

​Michael's Take: Who's excited to see the GEICO boys on this new machine for 2018?

Day 2 on this thing

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Michael's Take: That gutshot...

Michael's Take: It's ready...

Michael's Take: Not bad, not bad.

Michael's Take: She's looking fine.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: TP's a certified nutjob! 

Scottie's Take: Tickle spotted in some new digs? 

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Scottie's Take: Kenny still has his gear from when he broke his arm at A2...I would of burned it! 

Scottie's Take: Happy belated birthday Mitch.  

Scottie's Take: No words!

Scottie's Take: Round and round she goes. 

Scottie's Take: Remember this old-school MC commercial? We thought we made it big time. See you next week!