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Michael's Take: Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend!

Michael's Take: Now that's a classic.

​Michael's Take: That's a new way to break in your bike.

Michael's Take: Or so she says...

Michael's Take: I really wish I could do this.

Michael's Take: HOLY...

Michael's Take: I just did this during the '18 450 Shootout...WORTH IT!

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: That's so gnarly! 

Scottie's Take: Here's a view of the Pro Circuit helmets for the USGP.

Scottie's Take: USGP trophies.

Scottie's Take: Thomas rode well, looked like the heat got to him the second motos. 

Scottie's Take: The guys who rode the USGP got to start on the mesh, which we will see next year in Supercross. 

Scottie's Take: Dude with the pitboard sure got lucky! 

Scottie's Take: Thomas Covington's bio, who admits to rollerblading? LOL See you next week.