Social Scoop


Michael's Take: I'll take the purple powerband.

Michael's Take: Welcome to the USA, officially!

​Michael's Take: Kevin Windham might have been a wee bit bored, ha.

Michael's Take: This gave me a chuckle...

Michael's Take: When in doubt, rev it out!

Michael's Take: Ouch...

Michael's Take: HOLY...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Jeffrey Herlings put on quite a show over the weekend at Ironman. 

Scottie's Take: Eli Tomac claimed the big prize and a cool helmet to go with it.

Scottie's Take: Chad Reed's #Project04 is nearly finished! 

Scottie's Take: Thanks for the memories Carey and Ricky. 

Scottie's Take: Speaking of RCH, Kenny got his championship bike to hold onto. 

Scottie's Take: The more I see of the Alta, the more I like! 

Scottie's Take: Holeshot...see you next week.