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Michael's Take: That's one way to celebrate a championship!

Michael's Take: A fleet or orange, as KTM swept both podiums at the MXGP of Lommel.

​Michael's Take: Non-moto but so worth throwing in...because...HE'S ON A ROAD BIKE!!!

Michael's Take: This didn't end well...

Michael's Take: You know, my neck and back already hurts from my own crash but seeing Covington's wreck makes mine hurt even worse after just watching it! Ouch...

Michael's Take: Carson Brown getting after it at LL's.

Michael's Take: Stop by See See KTM around lunchtime for a show!

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: The number four and five flying in formation, such a cool pic.

Scottie's Take: Jeffrey once again proved he was the master of the sandbox at Lommel over the weekend. 

Scottie's Take: This is a sight we might have to get use to as DangerBoy Deegan rocks the mic after bringing home a "W" at LL's.

Scottie's Take: Cool KMC Wheels commercial featuring Chad Reed and his family.

Scottie's Take: Remember being young and able to bounce right up after a get off like this? 


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Scottie's Take: This is one clean YZ490 owned by Lee McCollum.

Scottie's Take: Here's one way to grab a holeshot. See you next week!