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Michael's Take: The Lego MX guy taking us for a throwback.

Michael's Take: This is easily my favorite moto-movie cover.

Terrafirma III

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​Michael's Take: Hold her WIDE!

Michael's Take: There's always "that guy".

Michael's Take: Mmmm...that's a damn fine looking KX.

Michael's Take: I need some of this "Magic Juice".

Michael's Take: Guess who these little groms are.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Good to see Kenny enjoying himself while recovering.

Scottie's Take: Jarryd McNeil won X Games Step-Up with some major style, hitting 45 feet!  

Scottie's Take: Pretty classic throwback by The King.  

Scottie's Take: This kid is really feeling it!! 

Scottie's Take: Chad Reed's #Project04 is really coming along, i can't wait to see/hear this bad boy. 

Scottie's Take: This is a really trick looking KTM. I dig the stealth look. 

KTM Blue Rate it 1-1,000

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Scottie's Take: Hope you enjoyed the weekend off, see you next week!