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Michael's Take: Rupert knows where to get the shots at the races, ha! Check his description to see more oddness from High Point.

Michael's Take: Why yes, yes they are.


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​Michael's Take: Lil ripper.

Michael's Take: Blake Wharton...eat your heart out, Justin Hill is coming for you when the racing career is over.

Michael's Take: Please come do my toolbox too...

Michael's Take: Little oldie from Brett Cue.

Michael's Take: Phil, please return soon...we need more #BadNewsPhil material.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Zach had quite a lot to deal with the 2nd moto, between the rock in the face and his goggles stuck in visor...to finishing the moto like this. 

Scottie's Take: That's quite a jewel, and for a good cause (read the caption).

Scottie's Take: Speaking of two strokes, I can only imagine the sound...

Scottie's Take: High Point trophies.

Scottie's Take: No words!!

Scottie's Take: Remember this body work? 

Scottie's Take: Check out K-ROC on a mini. See you next week!