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Michael's Take: Kick some ass Roger!

Michael's Take: Non-moto but so painful...

​Michael's Take: HAA!

Michael's Take: Factory teams always have the coolest stuff...

Michael's Take: Carson Brown just slaying it on the 125!

Michael's Take: Wonder what Jake Weimer has in store.

Michael's Take: Ummm...that was interesting.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Race stories from David Bailey are the coolest.

Scottie's Take: It was great to see the El Chupacabra come out this week, what a ride!

Scottie's Take: The more I see of the Alta, the more I like it.

Scottie's Take: Imagine doing this two weeks after a broken collarbone!

Scottie's Take: This puts the "E" in Epic and the "S" in Style.

Scottie's Take:Look at Kenny doing his best Colton Haaker impression. Someday Kenny, someday lol...

Scottie's Take: No words....See you next week!


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