First Look: 2018 Troy Lee Designs Gear and Helmet Line


This week, at the Troy Lee Designs store in Laguna Beach, the iconic brand invited us out to take a look at the latest digs they have in store for 2018. Scroll below for plenty of shots and a bit of info about what the brand is up to for the new year.

Lead designer,Maki Ushiroyama, talked a bit about the inspiration for the 2018 line. His main focus was to be "iconic" and if you're a fan of the TLD brand, you'll recognize some of the designs below, with some tweaks.

While the Maze design is new (inspired by the game Minecraft actually), the stars, polka dot and checker designs are long-time themes amongst TLD's past work. To make them pop in the new year, many of these designs were upsized. Meaning the logos and designs were made bigger, some by three to five times their normal proportions from the past. Most of what's pictured here is on the wild side of what the brand has available, as they also brought out some very conservative designs.

Above are some classic checkers, a team stripe kit, and the TLD logos. All of which we've seen in some form during the past few years.

Last year the Starburst was quite popular, so it's been upsized to the Megaburst.

A mix of deeper colors and bright flow is available, along with more pushes on some patriotic gear.

Another big talking point at the launch was "Unlock", which is what TLD is calling their mix-and-match gear sets. Basically, they've really expanded their helmet and gear range to match up across a wider combination, with the unlock name corresponding to each helmet and pant combo having three jerseys that match/were designed for the sets. They even have an app and on-site matching system, which will be live in the next week.

TLD's SE4 helmet was a huge passion project for Troy himself, as he really aimed to up the brand into the highest level's of brain protection, especially after the passing of TLD rider Tyler Hoeft. By investing some serious time and money into R&D/testing, along with a very close partnership with MIPS, the TLD crew nailed it with the SE4 Carbon and then released the Composite model shortly after. This year, they wanted to allow people with an even smaller budget to get the quality three-stage EPS, MIPS, and other safety features that the Carbon and Composite model offers, so they created one with a Polyacrylite shell and a bit cheaper liner to get down to a $250 price range. Some of the other changes involve other changes to the vents and the rubber material around the chin-bar, along with not coming with a helmet bag. All-in-all, it got the helmet down to a super affordable price, with great safety features, and the same look as their top-of-the-line model. Along with adding a ton of colorways to the range.

Steve McQueeen replica.

The namesake of the brand himself, Troy seems very excited with the direction things are going. It's awesome to see him so passionate about the safety aspects for his own riders as well.

Cole Seely and his pup were out to show-off and represent the sets designed with himself and the HRC team in mind.

The Polka-Dots created quite a bit of buzz and is available in a few different colors.

It's the little things...

Jordon Smith and Shane McElrath face-off in a very serious game of table tennis...more Polka-Dots too...

To learn more, jump on TroyLeeDesigns.com the morning of May 19th as the new range goes live.