2018 Silly Season, Round 1


Whoa, it's time for a 2018 Silly Season already? Let's dive in. As always, some of this is real, a portion is merely rumored. Heck, there are even a few guesses in there. Yes, some of it will inevitably prove itself wrong. But since it's the off-season, it's time for bench racing.

For now, we've left in the '17 bike numbers. We'll update this as soon as the new numbers list has been released.

As always, if you've got info to add, a legit team logo, or anything to help fill in the blanks, send an email to GuyB.

You'll find a whole bunch more Twitter (T) and Instagram (I) links for riders. Oh, and feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


T: YamahaMotorUSA
I: yamahamotorusa

Team Manager: Jim Perry

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
3 Eli Tomac (450)
T: @elitomac
I: @elitomac
Brian Kranz Bell Oakley Alpinestars Alpinestars
33 Josh Grant (450)
T: @JoshGrant33
I: @joshgrant33
Travis Parry Shoei Von Zipper Fly Alpinestars

T: TeamRmatvmc
I: teamrmatvmcTeam Owner/Manager: Forrest Butler Assistant Team Manager: Michael Byrne Crew Chief:  JR Boyd


T: @fchonda
I: @fchonda

Team Manager: Dan Betley Operations Manager: Darren Borcherding R&D Director: Kristian Kibby Technical Coordinator: Josh Wisenor

Technical Director: Andrew Hopson

Team Sponsors: GEICO, Honda, AMSOIL, Alias MX, Yoshimura, 100%, Factory Connection, Pro Taper, Dunlop, Alpinestars, 6D, Hinson, D'Cor Visuals, D.I.D., Vortex Ignitions, Renegade Fuels, Matrix, HPD, TM Designworks, MotoStuff, Carbon Raptor, Mototassinari, Athena, Cycra, Mechanix Wear, Buca di Beppo, Twin Air.

T: HondaPowersprts
I: honda_powersports_us

Team Manager: Erik Kehoe

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet / Brace Goggles Gear Boots
15 Dean Wilson (450)
T: @DeanWilson15
I: @deanwilsonmx15
Daniel Castloo Shoei 100% O'Neal Alpinestars
Zach Osborne (250 SX, 450 MX)
T: @zacho_16
I: @zacho_16
Dave Feeney
Airoh Dragon Fly
21 Jason Anderson (450)
T: @elhombre_21
I: @elhombre_21
Chris Loredo Airoh / Atlas Dragon Thor
28 Mitchell Oldenburg
T: @Freckle_62
I: @freckle_42
  Airoh Dragon Fly Alpinestars
342 Michael Mosiman   Airoh Dragon Fly Alpinestars
Mitchell's addition to the team is a rumor for now.

T: @pcraceteam
I: @pcraceteam

Team Manager: Mitch Payton


F: jgrmxrace
I: jgrmx Team Owner: Coy Gibbs Team Manager: Jeremy Albrecht

Engine Development: Dean Baker

I: ktmusa

Team Manager: Roger DeCoster

T: StarYamahaMX
I: starracingyamaha Team Owner: Bobby Regan Team Manager: Wil Hahn Motor Technician: Jeremy Coker Suspension Technician: Drew Hopkins

Team Manager: Tyler Keefe Crew Chief: Wayne Lumgair

40 Fredrik Noren
T: @norenmx
I: @norenmx
  Suomy EKS O'Neal Sidi

Owner: Gary Luckett Director of Racing: Skip Norfolk

Team Manager: Kenny Day

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Luke Renzland (250)
T: @LukeRenzland43
I: @lukerenzland46
Wes Hunter
Von Zipper
78 Nick Gaines (250)
T: @nickgaines707
I: @nickgaines73
Josh Verrill Bell
Von Zipper
Look for a brand change (possibly yellow) for '18.