Blistering heat tops a challenging day in Ottobiano.
As the sun bore down over Ottobiano, in an unexpected turn around of weather, the HRC duo Tim Gajser and Evgeny Bobryshev had a day of mixed fortunes on their CRF450RW’s.

Gajser looked set for a strong comeback in the first race as he quickly went into second behind Cairoli. After riding consistently for most of the race, he made a hard push to take third place from Gautier. His efforts cost him as the intensity of the heat got the better of him and in the last few laps, it finally took its toll dropping him back to 10th place. As the second race began, the Slovenian got caught in a tangle in the first corner which left him at the back of the pack. He gave a gutsy ride, even crashing again in his attempt to make up as many positions as possible and in the end, managed to salvage an 11th place finish.

Bobryshev had a day like that of his team mate. The Russian had a big crash in the first race which immediately set him to the back. Making it no secret that he has been struggling with the intensity of the heat, he dug his bike out of the sand and managed to pull his way back to 18th place. The second race looked more promising for him as he started in fifth. By the mid- point of the race, the heat took its toll again on the Russian and he battled on to finish in 12th place.

With Tim and Bobby now able to train and ride again, they will be putting every effort in to prepare for the MXGP of Portugal next weekend on the 1st/2nd July.

Tim Gajser 243
Coming here I knew would be tough this weekend because I haven’t had any training on a sand track and I also haven’t been able to physically train either. Today was the fourth time on the bike since my injury. I am a little bit disappointed with finishing 10th and 11th today. In the first race, I know I had good speed and I was riding in-front but then I pushed a little bit too much and lost all my energy. I didn’t finish the race the same way I had been riding. In the second race, I then crashed twice and I did come back but still it is not where I need to finish. Now I need to get fit and get back to where I know I should be.

Evgeny Bobryshev 777
For me today was tough from the beginning this weekend. It has just been SO hot here. The temperature was so high, the track was so bumpy and then my shoulder still is not 100%. I have been missing time on the bike and not able to train properly so I am not finishing where I should be. I held on today. In the first race, I had a huge crash and finished 18th. The second race was better but in the second half of the race I was struggling to hold on so I had to change my style. With all the heat, it was quite overwhelming but I finished 12th. I am not that happy with the result but I am grateful that my team are all behind me. When I am 100% again I know will be back at the front again.

Roger Harvey
HRC General Manager – MXGP The conditions at Ottobiano this weekend have been somewhat ridiculous. It has been so hot and humid but it is the same conditions for every rider. Having said that, our riders are both coming back from injury and the time off the bike has really hit them both hard in both races.

In the first race, you can see off the start Tim still has the speed but he didn’t have the stamina to continue it on throughout the whole race. Bobby is in very similar situation missing bike time for four weeks. So, we have made the best of a bad weekend here.