By Chase Curtis

Hunter Lent, 25

Hometown: Apple Valley, CA

Sponsors: Fasthouse, DRK

The 2017 TWMXRS Fall Classic headed to the desert for round one, at Competitive Edge MX. Nearly 500 riders joined us for the Fall Classic kick-off, and of those riders stood 25-year old Hunter Lent. The Apple Valley resident stood-out amongst the rest as he managed to break away from his competition in the opening laps. However, It wasn’t just his speed that drawled our attention, Hunter put on a show throughout his races and could be seen throwing whips, sending the big jumps, and even gooning around. Motocross is a very serious sport, but it's important to have some fun, and that is just what Hunter did. After wrapping up a perfect day with a 1-1 performance, Hunter Lent was awarded the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award for not only breaking away from the pack, but also for showing what racing is about, having fun! 

What brought you out to the races today?
Comp Edge is a local track for me, so I try my best to race every time the TWMXRS comes out here. I love racing out here and having fun with the home crowd [laughs]. 

You have a pretty cool set-up, from your bike to your gear, does that boost your confidence on race day at all?
Yeah, I'd say so. I feel like you have to look good to ride good because when you look good you feel good [laughs]. You aren’t going to ride well if you don’t feel well. 

You just finished your last moto of the day, which you had a huge lead in, that had to of felt pretty good…
Yeah! It's nice to win all my motos today, especially when I'm able to get out front early. The track gets pretty beat after hundreds of riders are on it, and the Southern California sun doesn’t help with that. It felt good to put a gap on the rest of my class, and it allowed me to have some fun and cruise the last few laps. 

Today was colder than usual, which had to be nice…
Yes, it's been a hundred-degrees plus for the past few months, so it was awesome to come out here and race in some colder weather. We had a slight breeze all-day, but it was cold wind so it felt nice. 

With gapping the rest of your class almost immediately, you were able to have some fun out there, throw some whips, and even goon around for a bit…
It felt good [laughs]. You just have to have fun out there, especially with a big lead. You can’t ride over your head, so having fun like that helps me stay loose. 

You mentioned that this is a home track, how often are you able to ride out here?
I am usually here twice a month, but I also try and ride the other local tracks or even ones down the hill. 

What do you do for a living?
I work for High Desert Underground laying pipelines, so coming out here is a nice break from that. We essentially lay water pipes, storm drain pipes, and pretty much anything along those lines. 

So, you lay pipe for a job and your friend mentioned that you also lay pipe as a hobby?
That is a hobby on the side, as much as I wish it was my job, it is unfortunately only a hobby [laughs]. 

Is it tough getting riding time in while having a full-time job?
Yeah, it can be hard, especially when the weather isn't the best. I try and take advantage of the days I have off, as well as the days where the weather is perfect. 

I know you mentioned that you try and make it to the TWMXRS when we are at Comp Edge, but are you able to race at any other tracks on the series?
I actually raced the last time the TWMXRS was at Glen Helen, but I took a pretty big digger which ended my day. I usually make most of the races, and I plan on racing this whole series. 

I recall seeing your crash at Glen Helen, and if I am correct your bike was pretty mangled…
Yes, that is a correct statement. The thing was just destroyed, bars were done, rear plastics broke, the pipe bent, but she’s all good now. 

What makes you ride motocross?
The pure excitement and fun it brings. I actually stopped riding for 8 years, but got back at it just over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. I was so young when I started riding that I got burnt-out on it and just wasn’t having fun. Luckily now I don’t take it seriously and just have fun with the sport. 

How pumped are you on winning some goodies from SPY?
I love free stuff! I couldn’t be any more excited.