Spy Breakaway Rider | Griffin Dexter

By Chase Curtis

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Sponsors: Temecula Motorsports, Split Designs. Thrill Seekers, Mom and Dad

Among the 500 plus racers that showed up to Pala Raceway, one rider in particular caught our attention simply because of the bike he was aboard. Griffin Dexter brought out his 2006 Honda CR250 two-stroke, equipped with Woody Woodpecker graphics, to do battle on. However, the bike wasn't the only eye-catching factor, as Griffin displayed exceptional speed and  shredded the track in his motos. The crisp CR250R echoed off of the surrounding Pala mopuntains, as Griffin raced his way to a handful of top-three finishes in the Pro classes. By the end of the day, the 21 year old out of Temecula had snagged a moto win in the Boyesen 2-Stroke Open class, and crushed some hearts in the Pro 450F class. Griffin was awarded with the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award for simply putting on a show and bringing some more excitement into round two of the 2017 Terra Firma Series.

What brings you out to Pala Raceway?
We came out here to have some fun racing the TWMXRS aboard the two-stroke!

Tell us a little about your CR250R…
She's a 2006 CR250 and a blast to ride. She's probably making some of these dudes cry a-bit (laughs).

How long have you had the bike?
I've been riding the two-stroke for a while. Ever since I moved up to big bikes I have considered myself to be more of a two-stroke guy, I was never real into the four-strokes. I picked this thing up in pretty good condition a few years ago, and I've been pounding out the motos on it ever since.

Any upcoming plans for racing?
Last time we spoke was in January, back then I had plans to race some nationals and qualify for a few rounds. Unfortunately, I ended up busting myself up pretty good at the Cal Classic, which sidelined me for some time. Up until this past week I hadn't ridden in three months, so I'm just getting back into it and having some fun. Right now I'm really focused on school, along with work, and then riding.

Where are you working?
I work at a gas company, where I drive the forklift around in the warehouse. It's bitch'n (laughs). And when I'm not doing that, I'm at school all day. Monday through Friday I have no time for dirt bikes.

What are you studying in school?
Through taking some courses I figured out psychology was the route that I wanted to go, at least degree wise. I'm not sure if its something I want to do for a career, but it's a personal goal to have a psych degree.

During your last moto, you beat quite a few kids aboard your two-stroke…
Yeah, dude it feels good! There's nothing better than beating people on a 10-year-old bike. I paid $2000 for this bike and there's bikes out there that cost 10-grand, so dads are definitely getting mad today. It's great (laughs)! I love riding the two-stroke.

How was the track today?
It was really good, Pala did a great job today. It was nice, loamy, and soft in the morning then good through the afternoon. There was also a lot of lines, which made for some fun racing.

You had some pretty rad new gear on today…
Yeah, this stuff in bitch'n. I'm a little embarrassed to say I paid for it, cause it's expensive. But, this stuff is so nice.

How pumped are you to get some new goggles and shades today?
I'm stoked! Shoutout to SPY for hooking it up, thats awesome!

Now that you are back on the bike and ripping, can we expect to see you at more of the TWMXRS events?
Of course! I was off the bike for three months and really couldn't do much, so now that I'm back on the bike I can get my feet wet and do some racing here at the TWMXRS. I really think TWMX does it best with the races, honestly better than anyone else. Running the two tracks is super smart, it cuts times down a ton. Transworld Motocross Race Series is the way to go, you just can't beat it!