By Chase Curtis

Jakub Alvarez, 16

Hometown: Pinon Hills, CA

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The TWMX Race Series brings together many different riders with many different dirt bike backgrounds. Jakub Alvarez joined us for round one of the 2017 TWMXRS Fall Classic up at Competitive Edge MX. Though the 16-year old's background is in off-road and desert racing, he proved to be a threat aboard his two-stroke 125cc. After a hard charge on his underpowered machine in the Schoolboy(125-250F) class, Jakub settled for a solid second place overall. Motocross consists of track's filled with jumps, something off-road racing lacks, but to our surprise, the desert racer out of Pinon Hills threw some of the biggest whips of the day. We had a chance to catch up with, and interview, the desert racer with wild style. 

What brings you out to Competitive Edge MX today?
We came out here to do some racing at the TWMXRS and get some practice in.

You had a great first moto of the day and seemed to be having a lot of fun on the track…
Yeah, it was a good race! I was trying to catch up to first place, but unfortunately, I had to settle for second. Overall, I'm happy with the moto. 

You're racing on a 125cc, while others in your class are aboard 250cc…
Yes, most of my competition was on 250cc's. I feel like they definitely pull on me through the straight-aways, but I believe that I make most of my time up on the corners. I feel confident with my corner speed on the 125cc. 

You mentioned that you race the WORCS series and off-road racing, how long have you been doing that?
I've been racing WORCS for about two-years, but I've been racing off-road since I was 11-years old. I enjoy racing the TWMXRS though, I feel like it helps build my intensity. 

How do you train for the WORCS racing?
We do a lot of sprint laps, but at the same time, we have to put in some long motos to keep our endurance up. The WORCS races are lengthy, so endurance plays a big role in your finish. 

Do you feel that your endurance level helps you with the TWMXRS races?
Oh yeah. It helps out a lot when I'm making my way through the pack because everyone is on 250cc's. The 125cc definitely requires more work to be ridden at those speeds, so endurance helps significantly. 

When do you plan on making the move-up to 250cc's?
I plan on moving up to 250cc's next year, I actually have already started practicing on them. 

How often do you ride at the track, or do you ride trails?
I haven’t ridden trails in a while, but I mostly head-out to Honda Valley to put in long motos. I try and ride at the track once-a-week to keep those skills fresh and have some fun. 

How did you get into the off-road racing?
My friend Dalton Shirey actually told me about the off-road scene, so after a few visits to the WORCS racing, I was hooked. 

Where do you want to go with racing?
I would love to race outdoors and nationals, but I know it will be a hard journey. However, I am determined and will keep working hard to reach those goals. 

Off-road racing has very spread out events, are you able to make most of them?
Yes, despite the lengthy drives at times, we are able to make all the races. 

How'd you get into riding dirt bikes?
My dad bought me a PW50 when I was about four-years-old, and I've been riding ever since. I started racing and got serious about the sport just over two-years ago. 

How do your skills from off-road transfer over to motocross?
I feel that the skills I use at the TWMXRS actually help me out more for the desert racing. You need to know your bike and have great bike control for both forms of racing, but I feel that my motocross racing is more beneficial. 

How many TWMXRS races have you intended?
I raced almost every TWMXRS race over summer, so this is not my first. And I plan on racing many more in the future!