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In between races, we took some time to browse our hard drives and look at photos taken throughout the year. We'll highlight each shot in a daily post, with the image sized to fit your computer screen or smartphone and described with a small backstory…

Watching last round's insanity at Washougal MX you would be hard pressed to find a rider that was more devastated than Adam Cianciarulo after the final checkered flag flew. And rightfully so – Having ridden an admirable ride, the friendly Floridian still fell victim to late moto charges by Zach Osborne and Dylan Ferrandis that ultimately sent him from being overall winner to a non-podium guy. The unique results this round affected AC the most, and can only brew more motivation to come back a winner. Having all the speed he needs (he's topped qualifying a handful of times this season) it's only a matter of time before he claims his first victory. Just look at his eyes in today's "Photo of the Day"…pure fire and determination. He will be one to watch for a rebound this weekend in New York, and you know we will be tuned in for another set of epic motos – it Saturday yet?

PHOTO INFORMATION Photographer | Mike Emery Camera | Nikon D4s Lens | Nikon 300mm f2.8 Shutter Speed | 1/1000 Aperture | 4.5 ISO | 80

Flash | Not Used