You smoked everybody at Loretta's, and then boom, you eased right into the pro Nationals. It seems like there wasn't much of a transition for you. Did you have good preparation to make things so easy?

For sure, I was training with Cooper Webb and all of my teammates the month before Loretta's. I was really confident going into that race and it went pretty much as planned. I moved right into the pro ranks and tried to take it as if it was just another amateur race. There's a lot of differences as a professional, from the competition to the fans. You really have to focus on yourself out there and do the best that you can.

Were you so prepared for your transition to the Nationals that you just wanted to get Loretta's over with?

I was putting a lot of pressure on myself at Loretta's because I wanted to end my amateur career on top. Once that was out of the way, I took the pressure off and I didn't have much going into those last three Nationals. I just wanted to do the best that I could and I didn't want to set my goals too high. I was able to do pretty well out there.

Were you surprised with your results or were they what you expected?

I wanted top 10s overall. I got a fifth and two 11ths. There were some inconsistencies and crashes and things like that, but we learned a lot out there and we're getting ready to go for next year.

How was the MXGP of the USA?

It was good. Saturday, I was able to qualify fourth in practice and first in free practice. I ended up getting second behind Thomas [Covington] in the qualifying race so I had second gate pick for both motos on Sunday. I was riding well on Sunday, but my starts just weren't there. It put me towards the back a little bit, but it was a good learning experience.

Was it odd for you because the format is different, or was it alright because you're not totally used to Nationals yet either?

It was a little more laid back I'd say. There's definitely a lot more time to prepare for everything and there's a lot more downtime.

What are your thoughts about Supercross coming up?

I did Arenacross this year and won the Lites championship. That's a lot tighter, so it should open up more for Supercross. We'll be ready for that.

What has the transition been like going from the team's amateur guy to being in the rig with everybody?

They've been trying to make it feel like the same for me, but it's definitely different. It takes some getting used to. I think we have that down now and we'll focus on doing the best we can.

Have you noticed Wil Hahn in the semi watching you get into your gear?

Yeah, he likes to do that a little bit. It's a little weird, but we'll get used to that too.

You're from New York originally, tell me about the moto scene back home?

Dead. There was like three tracks at one point, but now everything is shut down. There's a local sand pit to ride, but that's it. We had to move out of there. There's nothing to really ride there. Now I'm here full-time.

What's the transition to California like?

It's totally different, I mean it's the opposite coast. Traffic would probably be the main thing. Being close to the city, I had a lot of traffic at home, but nothing this bad. It takes a lot of getting used to.