Martin, Hampshire in Podium Battle at Budds Creek Motocross
Budds Creek, MD (August 19, 2017) – Team GEICO Honda came out swinging for the next-to-last round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, the GEICO Motorcycle Budds Creek National in Maryland, and stayed in contention for a race win or top-three overall finish throughout the day. Ultimately a late crash for Jeremy Martin would bump him back to 2-6 scores and fourth overall, and RJ Hampshire's bad second-moto start left him with 3-7 finishes and sixth. Chase Sexton suffered a first-turn crash and got stuck in the starting gate in moto two. He charged back to 9-9 finishes and eighth overall.

Martin shadowed first-moto winner Adam Cianciarulo for most of the first race, and then stayed in front of Cianciarulo for the first half of moto two, which might have been enough to give him his second-straight overall victory. He suffered a small crash while in a four-way battle for the lead, and that cost him a shot at it.

"Budds Creek was solid for me going 2-6 for fourth overall," said Martin, who had won the previous series' race in New York. "Had the speed to win and go for my third overall of the year if it wasn’t for a weird mid race front end tuck that caused me to crash. Looking forward to the last round in Indiana!"

Hampshire matched Cianciarulo and Martin's pace in moto one, starting with them and shadowing them to the finish.

"Felt really good on the bike this weekend," said Hampshire. "First moto we got off to a good start and found the speed early. The three of us were back and forth pretty much the whole moto till we hit some lappers. A couple almost took me down! I had a good moto though and was happy with another moto podium. Second moto I had this rookie next to me hit the gate and not stop, then when the gate did drop his handle bar fell into my arm so I was about last coming into the first turn. Everyone was close, so starting that far back was not an easy task. I felt good all day and had that podium speed. We have one more chance to get that podium overall next weekend!"

Who was that rookie who hit the gate and didn't stop in the second moto? It was Hampshire's teammate Chase Sexton. Sexton also got caught in a first-turn crash in moto one.

"Decent day on Saturday, qualifying was my best yet with P3 and was happy with my riding!," said Sexton. "First moto got in a first turn pile up and came from pretty much last to ninth. Second moto I’m pretty sure everyone knows that I hit the gate! I wanted a holeshot so bad, as soon as I thought I saw something flinch, I went for it! I was 10+ seconds behind the last guy and I knew I had a lot of work to do. Got back up to ninth again which gave me 8th overall. Happy with my riding but my starts have been horrendous. Doing starts till I’m sick of them this week. They will be improved for Indiana!"
This Saturday's Indiana National at Ironman Raceway marks the end of the standard 29-race U.S. racing calendar for GEICO Honda.

GEICO Honda Results GEICO Motorcycle Budds Creek National

Budds Creek, Maryland

4. Jeremy Martin 6. RJ Hampshire

8. Chase Sexton