MX Heroes Prep For 3000 Miles Of Cycling


Cycle across the States

INSTAGRAM | @legendsoftheroad

Four icons in motocross are currently in the middle of what could possibly be the most grueling race of their lives, the Race Across America. Cyclists will work their way across the United States, including the mountain ranges, deserts, and rivers that lay between Southern California’s Oceanside Pier starting point and the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland. The “Legends of the Road” team is comprised of Doug Henry, David Bailey, Micky Dymond, and Jeff Ward, with each rider putting in shifts in the non-stop event. Just before the team took off late last week, the Road2Recovery crew shot a quick video

Just before the team took off, the Road2Recovery crew shot a quick video with the group as they put in another training session. Want to follow their progress across the country? Here’s the team’s live tracking profile!