Photos and Words by Mike Emery | @emeryphoto

It’s crazy to think about how fast a year goes by and also how much can transpire within that time. While recently going through some files on an old hard drive, I re-stumbled upon this batch of images of Ken Roczen that ultimately became our October 2016 cover feature – a personal favorite of mine. The coolest part of it all was the excitement and willingness to be a part of the creative process Kenny was that day – he genuinely wanted to kill it for my lens just as much as I wanted to kill the photo side of it. This was a perfect match, and the resulting photos are some of my favorites I’ve ever shot. Since this shoot he ultimately went on to win the outdoor title in 2016, and went on to become the early heavy favorite to win the 2017 Supercross season before his unfortunate crash that took him out. It sucks not having him out there racing on the weekends, but there’s no doubt he’ll be back. Take a look at some images from just one year ago!

Bonus – Some memorable “Behind the Scenes” points from this shoot:

– Kenny was doing his normal routine this day which included a few long motos, but when I asked him if we could knock out the cover shot first while he was clean he quickly responded, “Yeah no worries! That could be my warm-up!” Soak that in people, the scrub shot we took for his cover was his warm up.

– He had also just lost to Tomac at Southwick, and I was nervous that he was going to carry that frustration to the shoot. He didn’t, and just like he always did clocked in for a day of training – it’s surprising how fast elite athletes can mentally move on.

– While shooting some lifestyle stuff by his house out at a nearby fishing dock I mentioned, “Dude, this is cheesy and I feel like I’m shooting your senior portrait. Lets go rip around your Audi!” He laughed and responded, “That sounds good!” We goofed off the rest of the day and got the perfect personality stuff I was looking for.

– To summarize this shoot, Kenny was one of the most down to earth, easy to deal with riders and I am always grateful for that. Thanks again and keep healing up so we can shoot some more!

Ken Roczen, October 2016 TransWorld Motocross Cover

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