Ken Roczen Recaps His First Days Back On The Bike


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After enduring what's been the biggest injury and story of the 2017 season (CLICK HERE FOR THOSE UPDATES), Ken Roczen is finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and back at it. He recently got the full doctors approval to get on a bike and spin some laps toward eventually making a return to racing when ready. We paid a visit to the Team Honda HRC rider's house earlier this week and joined him for his first laps back after his final surgery to his left arm, which was for the removal of the last remaining metal and screws. This is a huge update in the positive direction, and we sat down with him after his first day back to hear how it felt. Ken Roczen fans, rejoice!

You had a big day on Monday. Take us through that.

So basically, Wednesday a couple of weeks ago (August 9th) I had another surgery to get the metal removed from my arm. Before that I was slowly starting to pick things up again and was riding a little bit. But that was mainly because I got the green light to ride. For me it is important no matter how I ride or how long I ride, it's being behind the bars. I haven't ridden in a long time so I'm way behind on it and any time I can get riding is really good for me. On Monday after Budds Creek I started riding; I tried riding the Thursday before Budds Creek and it wouldn't really work. It was way too sore still and was another major surgery, a couple of hours long and whatnot. I tried to ride on Thursday because there was no recovery time; I could ride whenever I felt like I could. It was definitely still sore, so we went back out on Monday and I was surprised by how I could ride. I picked things up really good, did three twenty-minute motos, and got back in the swing of things. I'm nowhere near one hundred-percent, but anytime I can sit on the bike and ride is a huge plus-point for me. The last moto I did I rode the absolute best and I had so much fun. It was kind of incredible because I haven't had that much fun because I am still restricted. It was like the best day ever. I got back, hung out, had a cold Red Bull. I was stoked and ready for the next day already.

I woke up the next morning and my back was sore just from not really riding at all. It was a good sore and I missed that. It's something that you don't get from regular working out. I've been doing all of my other stuff. I went back out there today and definitely the aftermath from the day before, there was some soreness in the arm and the wrist. But it feels great. I rode again today and had another fun day. It was definitely tougher today than it was yesterday because I was sore, but everything is healed in my wrist. If anything, it's good that I'm out there riding to get mobility in it again.

For all of the people that are out there, to put a perspective on where you are actually at, you are still spinning your first laps and there have been restrictions.

I'm nowhere near one hundred percent. This is really just to get my feet wet. I'm allowed to jump now and I have so much fun. I'm obviously sore but its good to know, because I don't have all of the mobility in my elbow yet. But my elbow is not really what is hurting right now; it's my wrist. My wrist is fully healed and it's been months since I had the last surgery to prepare it. All of that stuff is healed or obviously we wouldn't have taken all of the metal out. That put me a step back in that's it's sore, but I think in the long-run, I wasn't getting any better with all of the metal in, so in the long-run I'll be way better off with all of that stuff out. Knowing that the wrist is really just stiffness pain, most of all of the bones and all the carpals right there, they aren't really gliding yet. Since the last surgery, we haven't been able to dig into the joints yet and get all of that moving again. Because the pulled all of the stitches, I'll have a better grip on the wrist to do different things to get mobility. That's where I'm at right now. I need some more mobility and my wrist is super stiff. When I was in surgery they could bend the wrist really far and it's good they can take me there. I myself can't take it there yet, but it's a good sign that overall we can with a little help get there. We are working on getting a little more on that and we are doing a bunch of strengthening. Basically I'm doing everything I can to be back as quick as possible. I need some help with Mother Nature and yeah, I'm doing what I can. I'm having fun overall and it's a little bit of a waiting game. We're going majorly up hill and good things take time. I had a hard day today, just because it was tough for me being sore and whatnot, but the fun part is I'm looking forward to the next day.

I've been pretty solid and am in good spirits. I can't wait to be back racing again. That's the hardest part right now, to not go on the weekends and line up on the gate to race. There was a time where I kind of enjoyed, because I've ever been at home for multiple weeks at a time, but now that I've had my time off I'm itching to go racing.