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Jordon Smith's high-speed crash at the 2017 Las Vegas SX was a wild one. While he amazingly walked away from the incident, the pain from that crash combined with other injuries would ultimately sideline him for the summer. Since then, we haven't seen or heard much from the 2017 Supercross 250 title contender, and it was exciting to be able to work with him on Premix 2. During the shoot, we got caught up with Smith about his summer and where he's at in his recovery.

You've been out since the 2017 Las Vegas SX, what has your summer been like since then?
I had that bad crash at Vegas and I hurt my back a little bit. I took a couple weeks to get over that, and then I started riding to get ready to come back in the middle of the outdoor season. I came back at High Point and had a crash in practice there. I twisted my ankle and wasn't able to race, so I took a week off. My first day back from that, I caught that same ankle and leg in a rut and tore my MCL. That was really the end of my outdoor run, there was nothing I could really do then. My knee was pretty messed up and there was no way I could ride. It was a pretty mellow summer for me, I was building a house in Georgia by MTF [Millsaps Training Facility]. I did a lot of work on that to get it ready and move in. I tried to keep myself busy so I wouldn't go crazy, whether that was working on the house, playing golf, getting ready for hunting or whatever else. I'm glad to be back on the bike now.

Needless to say, you're pretty excited to be riding right now?
Yeah, that was the longest I've had to take off of the bike in a long time. It's what we grow up doing and what we live for, so nobody wants to have to take that much time off. A little bit of time off here and there is good, but not when you have to take an entire season off. That's especially true coming off a good Supercross season. I felt like I had the bike and the speed to win some outdoors, and to not even get to show what I had was a bummer. I'm getting back on my bike now and getting ready for next year. It's pretty exciting.

As you mentioned, your 2017 Supercross season went really well. Do you feel you can take that into 2018, or are there some things you still have to overcome injury-wise?
I think I still have that confidence from Supercross and just the one little catch of a toe that tore my MCL won't affect that. It was just a freak accident, I didn't even crash or anything. I'm pretty excited to get back to racing and carry that momentum. I learned a lot last year and I was in new situations that I had never been in. Learning all of that and bringing it into next year should be really good.

You haven't had a ton of time back on the bike yet, and we're out here shooting for Premix 2. What do you think about hopping on the two-stroke?
Yeah, I've been on the bike for about two weeks now. I've been riding some Supercross on a 450 so I've been getting used to that. Now, coming out here and having never ridden a 250 two-stroke should be pretty interesting and pretty fun.

Looking at next year, do you have any plans yet for East or West?
We really don't know yet, we won't until right before the season. There's always plans in place, but in one moment that can go away and you end up riding the opposite coast. You never really know so you just have to be ready come January.