Timeless Mechanical Advice | Replacing Brake Fluid


Timeless Mechanical Advice

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A deep-dive analysis on our website by some of our corporate counterparts revealed some interesting information. It turns out that our old How To videos are still very popular, as the average rider wants to learn mechanical knowledge from factory mechanics, particularly Steve Matthes. Under their urging, we've dug through the archives and brought some of the classic clips back from the deep pages of the site. Sure, the bikes aren't exactly the current model year, but the basic information shared still remains true. Look for one of these posts to come on a weekly basis…

For this tech tip, Matthes shows us the proper way to replace the brake fluid in your motorcycle. Hear a squeak from the rotors or poor feel at the level or pedal? This is a step that will help elevate issues and should be done at regular intervals. There are a number of tools on the market that can help make this process a little quicker like, like the Motion Pro Hydraulic Brake Bleeder shown here.