Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen Gear | Product Report
Price: $49.95 (jersey); $169.95 (pant); $21.95 (glove)
What It Is
First introduced in 2012, Fly's Lite Hydrogen race wear is designed to be lightweight, minimalistic, and high in performance. This year the Lite Hydrogen pant received several updates including the Boa waist closure system that the brand introduced on its standard Evolution 2.0 pant last year.

The Boa System cinches down the waist closure from the rear and provides a great fit.

Hits The cut and fit of the Lite Hydrogen pant is excellent. Generous amounts of stretch panels built into the hips, thighs, and knees of the pant make it one of the most comfortable, least-restrictive pair of pants we have ever worn. Generous leather paneling in the knee areas not only protect against exhaust pipe burns, but offer excellent traction against the side of the bike, too. The Boa waist closure system is amazing. A twist of the rear-mounted dial offers micro adjustments to fine-tune the fit and feel of the pant. At the zipper, a dual-closure system ensures that the pant will not pop open as some others do under extreme seat-bouncing.

The thin fabrics used to construct the pant flow a noticeable amount of air. Even though the Lite Hydrogen is not considered a vented pant, it still feels much cooler than a standard riding pant.

Leather in the knee areas prevent exhaust burns and offer great traction against the bike.

Sublimated pant and jersey graphics add no weight and ensure great airflow. The graphics are vivid and bright, and remain as such, wash after wash. The Lite Hydrogen jersey features an athletic cut and plenty of mesh panels for airflow. The tagless, printed collar is comfortable and does not scratch you. Soft material of the jersey is comfortable with plenty of stretch. Lite gloves are minimalistic in design and require no break- in time. A single-layer synthetic leather palm offers great feel and does not bunch up.

The glove's slip-on design has minimal excess fabric.

Misses The Zipper Lock feature of the pant is a hook-and-loop fastener that is closed after the pant is zippered up and before the ratchet-style waist closure is engaged. Though the extra security is a plus for top Supercross pros while they seat-bounce jumps, it seems like overkill for normal riders.

The cut of the jersey—though athletic—still seems a tad on the generous side.

The zipper lock feature offers extra security, but it may be overkill for the average rider.

The Verdict Fly Lite Hydrogen gear fits great, performs superbly, and is some of the most comfortable gear we've ever worn, period. The pants, especially, are very impressive.