Fasthouse Riding Gear | Product Report | Transworld Motocross



PRICE | $55 (Jersey), $129.95 (Grindhouse Pants), $29.95 (Speed Style Gloves)
SIZES | Small – Triple-Extra Large (Jersey), 28-40 (Pants), Small – Double Extra Large


Over the last few years, Fasthouse has transformed itself from a small group of friends with a knack for throwing an incredible party (Red Bull A Day In The Dirt) to a full-fledged brand with complete lines of riding apparel, clothing, accessories, and collaborations with others in the sport. Created and curated in the heart of Southern California, their product styles have always taken touches from the fun history of dusty days on two-wheels, and this trend has caught on with riders all around the country. But the Fasthouse kits are much more than just good-looking: each piece features high-quality materials like 600 Denier polyester in the pants, leather panels in the knees, Clarino palms in the gloves, and polyester throughout the jersey.


– The fit of every piece is practically perfect. The jersey has an “athletic cut” but unlike the way some other brands take on this term, it’s neither overly tight or restrictive. Same goes for the pants, as a size 30 pant fits just like a 30 should with tailored legs, comfortable waist, and no instances of being overly loose or baggy. The gloves are great, wit no excessive material in the palm or unnecessarily long necessary fingers.

– Adjusting the fit of the pants is easy to do, thanks to the Velcro bands on both sides of the hips and the ratchet closure on the front. The stretch panels are a staple of motocross gear and Fasthouse has just enough in the knees and rear.

– The durability of the material is exactly what one would hope from motocross gear. It’s held up to roost, crashes, and runs through the washing machine without fading, tearing, busted seams, or rough action in the zipper.

– Almost everything in the Fasthouse catalog is interchangeable. Since the designers stayed away from complex patterns or wild schemes in the pants and jersey, it’s easy for a rider to mix and match jerseys-pants-gloves without fear of clashing. They have a full web page that shows the possible options.

– The old-school cool designs are timeless.

– Good call by Fasthouse to run a high-grip band of silicone stripes along the inside of the pant’s waist. This keeps the jersey tucked in during a moto.

– Ventilation of the jersey is excellent, thanks to the mesh material used in the sleeves and torso.

– There’s a second version of pants from Fasthouse, dubbed the Speed Style. The construction is the exact same as the Grindhouse, but is void of rubber branding logos on the thigh.

– The checkered print silicone details on the fingertips of the glove give just enough grip on the levers.

– Like we mentioned in the intro, there are a number of collaborations between Fasthouse and brands such as VonZipper, Bell Helmets, FMF Racing, and even 805 Beer. There’s a Moto9 Flex which was released at the 2016 Red Bull A Day In The Dirt that ties the full Fasthouse theme together nicely, and it’s a part of Bell’s 2017 catalog.


– The price of the jersey is a little steep considering the fact that it’s just a jersey. There are no “performance” benefits such as compression fit or in the case of the “Stripes” style shown here, an abundant use of mesh. Fasthouse offers a full-vented jersey, which has an MSRP of $65.

– Compared to other pants on the market, the Fasthouse wears are low on “features” like vented panels behind the knee, laser cut holes, and stretch capabilities.


There are numerous brands putting out lines of riding apparel these days and to be quite honest, some of it has started to blend together due to the over-use of trendy palette or prints. The goods from Fasthouse completely steer away from neon colors or wild graphics, which makes for a clean style that appeals to all. But looks aren’t the only thing good about the gear, as the jersey/pants/gloves are all incredibly durable and will last for many motos or days in the desert. Simply put, this is gear that does exactly what we need: holds up to the rigors of riding and looks great.