PRICE | $159.00

EVS has a handful of offerings in the luggage department, and their “Freighter” roller bag is the largest and most technical of them all. When you’re looking for a big ol’ roller bag, the Freighter has all of the points of interest covered. Starting off with size, the 32” x 18” x 16” dimensions make for a bag that can fit it all and then some, with a separate compartment designed for your boots. Numerous pockets can be found in all the key places, with the side pocket specifically having three more velcro pockets inside to keep smaller things organized. The ballistic nylon shell with reinforced stitching is key to the bag’s overall toughness, and the large roller wheels and pull out handle complete the ease of usage when rolling both on smooth surfaces or off-road at the track. A pull-out changing mat completes the perks, so you don’t have to change while standing on the dirt!


– Just based on looks alone, the EVS Freighter bag is cool. The black color and hi-viz yellow zipper accents are a good combination, and while it’s not overly obnoxious in color you certainly won’t lose it anywhere. The clear and shiny EVS logo atop the center nylon shell is also a nice touch.

– This bag has a ton of room, and pictured above had boots, knee braces, two full sets of gear, a helmet, two pairs of goggles, and multiple pairs of socks and underwear. And there was still room for plenty more!

– The pull-out handle feels well made and operates smoothly. It also extends far enough out that the balance of the bag feels proper when you are rolling it.

– The wheels roll nicely over both smooth and rough surfaces, and we didn’t experience any issues with it’s mobility anywhere we brought it.

-Boots fit nicely inside the intended compartment, and it’s easy to pull the inner liner out and unzip it if you wan to clean it.

-There is no shortage of pockets, and you’ll never run out of places to put your, keys, snacks, or good luck charms.


– While it’s also a plus, the size of this bag can lend itself to being super heavy depending on how much you pack in. Be mindful of this if you’re traveling on a plane and checking it!


At $159.00, the EVS Freighter roller bag is priced extremely fair for what you’re getting. Generously sized, structurally sound, well-designed, and built tough, it makes for a great choice when deciding how to haul your gear to and from the track. Not into roller bags? EVS also offers their “Vantage” duffel bag that’s smaller and comes in priced at only $69.00. But trust us, you’ll be happy you splurged for the roller when you have to travel with all your gear. These things are lifesavers!