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The 2017 AMSOIL Arenacross series may be nearing its end, but Woodstock KTM’s Daniel Herrlein is continuing to build his momentum. Herrlein first year in the 250AX Class has shown growth and potential for the future. The rookie has even collected an overall win and currently sits fourth in the points. We had a chat with Herrlein to recap his 2017 season, the Race to the Championship, and his plans for summer and beyond. 

You’re a full-time 250AX Class guy now, how has that big jump for you been?
It’s been good. Even in the past few years I know I’ve had the speed, I’ve just struggled in a few other areas. I’ve been putting in the work and learning each weekend. I came into this year more prepared than ever and it’s been good. I’ve got an overall win, a second place overall, and if everything goes good this weekend I’ll have fourth place in the points. I’m pumped; it’s been a pretty good season I think.

For a rookie year, do you feel that being fourth overall was what you expected in the Race to the Championship, or has that been a pleasant surprise?
Coming into the year you want to win. There are a lot of guys in Arenacross that can win on any given night. To be able to get the results I have this year and come away with fourth, I think I’m going to be pretty pleased with that. Like I said, there are so many fast guys and to be fourth is a good feeling. It’d be sweet to get into the top three on the podium and maybe even get a win. I can’t be mad at a fourth place at all.

In regards to the chase format, how do you feel about it? You guys run so long, and with these last few rounds, it’s wide-open again…
I think it’s good. Some riders probably don’t benefit from it as much. Jace Owen had a really big lead heading into the chase and then it was narrowed down to one point. For me I had a slow start to the season, I was right around seventh place most of the time, and then as soon as the race to the championship started I picked up some momentum and got some good finishes. It definitely benefited me, so I guess you could say I’m a fan. It adds just another element. Arenacross is full of ups and downs and challenges, and it’s really different. No other dirt bike racing series, whether it’s Supercross or outdoor Nationals, do anything like that. It’s cool to do something different, it’s fun.

Where are you spending most of your year at for training?
I train with Club 57 MX, we have a compound in northern Illinois for the summertime, and we also have a southern compound down in Florida. We go down there to train during the wintertime, and that’s where I base myself out of for the racing part. After Vegas, I’m going to go back to Illinois and keep training with Club 57. I might get ready to do some outdoors as well.

So you’re planning to do a couple of Nationals?
Yeah maybe a few, they made big changes to my hometown race at High Point, PA. I’d like to go check that out. The hometown race is always fun. I might do a few other close ones, but I’d like to keep working hard and stick to my program at Club 57. I think our main focus is next year in Arenacross; possibly Supercross depending on what team I can get on. I’d say the main goal this summer is to get a lot stronger, get into a lot better shape, and be ready for next winter.