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Multiple setbacks have stopped Chase Sexton from making his true professional racing debut. The teenager was set to start his career last summer with GEICO Honda until a small knee injury put him on the sidelines for the rest of the summer. A pair of broken wrists while practicing for the Supercross season forced him to miss the opening round of the 250 East Coast SX region in Minneapolis, but he was on track at the 2017 Atlanta SX just a few days later. Just when it seemed like things were all good, Sexton crashed while going over the whoops in the final practice of the day and suffered a broken femur. Since then Sexton has stayed under the radar in Florida, as his program is based at the popular practice facility dubbed The Nest, but we caught him at Glen Helen testing with the GEICO Honda squad. With a clean bill of health and an eagerness to race, it appears that he will finally make a gate drop this coming weekend at the 2017 High Point MX.

It sounds like this has been a quick recovery. Can you take us back to what happened in Atlanta and the time since?

At Atlanta, I crashed and broke my femur. It took me probably two weeks to get back on a road bike; as soon as I could get my leg going I was on it. The doctor said as much pain as I could handle was what I could do. I started walking on it around then and still had to use my crutches, but I started walking, got rid of the crutches, and went back to the gym to start strengthening it. Eight weeks into it I was back on a turn track and riding, so this is my sixth week back. I feel really good on the bike so far.

Being a Southern-based guy, were you able to go to a doctor that you wanted to?

When I broke it in Atlanta they took me to the hospital. I found the doctor that handles the Atlanta Falcons football team, so she fixed it. She did a great job and it was perfectly straight. I went back to Florida and went to a guy that would tell me how I was doing.

In those first weeks back on the bike, did you feel comfortable?

Once I started riding, I couldn’t feel my leg unless I dabbed it or something. The bone and the rod were strong, so as much pain as I could handle was what I could do. Sometimes it was painful, but it was good to get back on the bike. I started on the turn track for like three weeks and then went to the big track.

Will you keep the rod in your leg?

I plan on getting it out after the outdoor season so that I don’t have any metal in my leg.

What’s the plan from this point for the rest of the summer?

High Point will be my first race if everything goes to plan. I feel like my speed, my endurance, and everything is there. I have put a lot of motos in at The Nest and it’s hot down there, so I feel good.

It seems like every time you’re close to making your debut, you run into a roadblock. Although it’s not a great thing, have you found positives from this?

I’ve been hurt in some way for the last six or eight months. I feel like I have built a good base of fitness and everything I have gone through has made me stronger. I think it has helped my mentally and I’m in a good spot coming back.