Price: $399.95
Sizes: XS-XXL


Bell Helmets was established in 1954, and quickly become a staple in motocross racing with roots stemming from the auto racing, bicycle and motorcycle culture. Bell – one of the industry leaders in advanced helmet technology – has a wide variety of street, MTB/BMX and of course off-road helmets that is widely considered to be amongst the safest on the market. The Moto-9, which quite frankly can be seen just about everywhere you look at the local racetracks is Bell’s top of the line choice in their off-road lineup, and although this particular model doesn’t feature the FLEX technology as its carbon shell counterpart, you can rest assured that your melon is protected.


– First and foremost, this is a good looking helmet and it has the comfort and durability to back its style!

– Bell’s Magnefusion Emergency Release System makes for a quick and easy removal of the cheek pads in the case of an emergency or if you’re just simply planning on washing them.

– The thick cheek padding offers a very comfortable feel.

– The Quickflip visor screws make for an easy adjustment that can be done even with gloves on while the helmet is on your head.

– The magnetic strap is a nice touch for those that have a hard time locating the typical snap buckle once the helmet is strapped on.

– Eject System ready!

– We’ve yet to find a pair of goggles that doesn’t agree with the Moto-9.

– The Moto-9 offers exceptional ventilation without letting in a lot of noise.


– We kept having an issue with the helmet sliding up on our face.

– Priced at $399.95, the Moto-9 isn’t exactly the cheapest helmet on the market, but the old saying, “You get what you pay for” rings true in this case.

– The roost guard on the face of the Moto-9 made for a little more of a tighter fit when installing a pair of goggles, so we removed it.


This is a solid helmet through and through, as it offers style, durability and most importantly unprecedented protection. The Moto-9 is one of the most popular helmets right now, and for good reason because it offers all of the key ingredients to a $600+ at a much more affordable price, so it’s not hard to see why so many people are making the switch to Bell.

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