Arai VX-PRO4 Helmet (Tickle Trophy-Girl Red)
Price: $609.95 – $749.95
Sizes: XS – XXL


The VX-PRO4 helmet is Arai’s latest installment in their off-road head protection lineup, and it encompasses the same trusted safety technology as the VX-PRO3 model. Although the PRO4’s shell looks the same as the previous model, a chin bar mouthpiece and ventilation ducts were added to not only serve a purpose, but to give the helmet some added shape. Arai helmets are widely regarded as one of the safest helmet brands in the world; especially when it comes to motocross, which is why the PRO4 is the helmet of choice for Justin Bogle, Broc Tickle and Justin Barcia.


– The addition of the chin bar mouthpiece and ventilation ducts (on the back of the helmet) completely changed the overall look of the PRO4 in a positive way.

– Positioning your googles around the PRO4 shell is no longer a guessing game thanks to the ventilation duct, as it acts as a guide for the goggle strap.

– The PRO4 comes in a wide variety of color ways including signature helmets from Broc Tickle, Justin Bogle and Justin Barcia.

– The cheek pads are easy to remove for cleaning or in the case of a crash.

– The visor is extremely flexible, and it’s designed to fold under impact.

– The thick cheek padding makes for an extremely comfortable, snug fit.

– The consistently round shell ensures the helmet won’t get caught or hung up in the dirt in the event of a crash.

– The visor has been extended by 14mm for added roost deflection.


– The chin straps have to be fed through the cheek pads for removal and installation. We prefer the standard cheek pad shape were the strap doesn’t run through the pad.

– The chin strap seems to be positioned a little further back on the PRO4 when compared to other helmets because it was a little uncomfortable against our neck.

– The snap-button on the chin strap is pretty small, which makes it a little hard to find if you’ve already put your gloves on.

– If you prefer to ride with a nose guard on your goggles you may need to remove the added nose guard on the PRO4, as it may get in the way of proper goggle fitment.

– The price of the PRO4 is a little steep for some consumers, but the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” rings true with this piece of equipment.


What you get with the Arai VX-PRO4 helmet is one of the safest helmets on the market! There isn’t much else to be said after that, but we do understand that the price tag isn’t exactly ideal for some riders, however, if you can afford it we recommend the VX-PRO4. Keep in mind that with this price tag you’re not only getting a safe helmet, but a good looking one at that along with a lot of cool features.

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