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Adam Enticknap has made a name for himself in motocross as being one of the friendliest, most genuine guys off the track. On the track, he’s a consistent threat for making the 450 main event in Supercross. The 2017 season was a challenging year for Enticknap however, and it was capped off by a crash at the 2017 Las Vegas SX that left him with serious injuries. Since then, things have been quiet from Adam, but he has healed up, lost weight, and is ready to line up once again. We caught up with Enticknap at the 2017 TransWorld SLAM Fest to check in with him on his recovery from injury and see what’s in store next for the likable privateer. 

How has the recovery process been going? 
It’s been really good actually. I had a pretty big crash in May at the last Supercross on the last lap with two corners to go. I collapsed my right lung, broke both of my collar bones, and broke two ribs. It was pretty gnarly at first honestly. I had a problem recovering from the lung because I got too active too quickly. Everything after that has been really good though. I’ve been training with my trainer Taylor Selby. Tyler [Enticknap] and I have been in the gym four days a week and we’ve both been doing our mountain bike rides and road bike rides. We’ve been really trying to focus on losing weight. I’m down like 15 lbs from May, and I’m pretty excited about that. Right now, we’re working our way towards Monster Energy Cup. My goal is to be about 188 for Supercross and right now we’re perfectly on track for where I want to be. I’m really excited to be at TransWorld SLAM Fest today, it’s going to be my first gate drop in about 4 months. It’s fun to be here with all of the boys and hanging out here at Milestone.

You and your brother actually went out and got hurt on the same night. Take me through that whole experience.
That was really tough because I saw him get pretty hurt and it looked bad, and that was right before the LCQ. Honestly, it was pretty hard to clear my mind on the gate, but once the gate dropped, I went into race mode. I was thinking about it a little bit in the race, but I saw the opportunity coming and at heart, I’m a racer. When it comes time, I race. I made the pass for the main event which was really cool, and I was doing really good in the main event, but I had that unfortunate spill. I was catching Alex Ray on the last lap and I thought I could make the pass and I pushed it too hard in the whoops section and my wheel spun. It was so dry and hard packed. When my wheel spun it dropped the front end, and Jake Weimer actually collided with me too. Luckily I managed to get up and finish the race. It was definitely a harsh weekend for the Enticknap bros, but we’re tough SOBs and we’re back.

Does it help having your brother training with you and going through his recovery process at the same time?
It does because we push each other so much every single second of the day and we’re so competitive. It was all about who could get back on the bike faster and who could go faster. It’s always a competition and I don’t think I’d be where I’m at without Tyler and he wouldn’t be where he’s at without me. We’ve been fortunate enough that both of our injuries healed very well and very quickly. We’ve also been doing a whole new program and better eating habits. We’re changing our lives completely so that we can be real professional Supercross racers. We might be privateers but the goal is to be on one of those factory teams and make a name for ourselves next year in Supercross.

You seem like a guy that genuinely enjoys riding your dirt bike even as a professional. Were you excited at all to have time off or did you just want to come back and ride? 
It was harsh. I hate being off my bike and I truly do love riding. It’s one of the best things in the world. It takes my mind off of everything and I can just flow with my dirt bike and throw it sideways. Anything that I’m worried about or anything that is on my mind just goes away. It’s just me, the dirt, and ruts, and I absolutely love it. I’m addicted to it. Every time I get on my bike I have a feeling that’s like no other, and I think I’m going to feel that for the rest of my life. I’m so happy to be able to enjoy something that much.

You’re now on the new Honda CRF450R, how are you liking that bike so far? Is your plan to ride it in 2018?
I’m absolutely stoked. I wish I would have had one last year. The motor in the bike is phenomenal. I can’t wait to get it on a Supercross track and see what I can do. We’re always trying to get a little more horsepower out of the bike, and this year I feel like my stock ’17 is almost as fast as my race bike from this year. I was absolutely blown away and I couldn’t believe it. Honda did such a good job on the motor and airbox and head. I look forward to seeing what Tokyo Mods can deliver on their motor package and I think we’re going to get some better starts next year, which will turn into better results. My fitness will be up too, I’m so ready for Supercross next year.

Will you ride for TPJ Fly Racing next year?
We’ll see, TPJ has helped me out a lot and I absolutely love them to death. They’re great people. Ted Parks and his crew help us privateers out so much. I might have a few other things in the works, we’ll see how things develop, but you never know until Anaheim I.

In other news, you’ve made the switch to a newer Ranger. Do you like this one more than the last, or do you miss your old one? 
You know, the OG Ranger is always going to be the OG Ranger, but this one is nice. We got power windows, a 10-inch subwoofer in the back, a radio, fresh tires, and she purrs like a kitten. I’m pretty stoked on that. She needs a wash job, but the newer Ranger is definitely pretty sweet and I’m happy to have it. There’s nothing like the OG Ranger [laughs]. We’ve had some really good times and memories in that thing that I’ll never forget. I’m just glad to be in a position where I can afford a little bit newer of a truck and get from point A to point B, but I’d sure love to have that old Ranger forever.