Rundown Of Details On The All-New 2018 Honda CRF250R


Details Of All-New Bike



Back in May, TransWorld Motocross traveled to Hiroshima, Japan, to get a first look at the all-new 2018 Honda CRF250R as it was being race-tested in Japan by Takeshi Katsuya in the IA2 class of the All Japan National Championships. We were tipped off several weeks prior that the bike Katsuya would be racing was a pre-production version of the machine that would land on dealership floors this fall, and lo and behold…the 2018 CRF250R looks to be exactly like the machine we showed you several weeks ago! Here are the official details from Honda…

The “Absolute Holeshot” philosophy that helped revolutionize the latest-generation CRF450R now makes its way to the all-new CRF250R, a model that has earned no fewer than nine AMA Supercross championships and two AMA Motocross championships over the years. Updates are aimed at achieving maximum power (particularly at high revs) and superb handling, the vastly updated four-stroke engine now featuring a dual-overhead-cam design, twin exhaust ports, and more oversquare dimensions. Mass is lower and more centralized, through vehicle-packaging updates like a titanium fuel tank and extruded-aluminum subframe brackets, while a lighter aluminum frame with optimized flex characteristics helps handling and rider feedback. An electric starter, powered by a lightweight lithium-iron phosphate battery, is now standard.

Honda has released a pair of videos that detail the key features of the new machine, along with clips of it in action, which are posted below.