The 2017 X Games closed out Moto X Real Cost QuarterPipe High Air, one of the newer elements in the event. A very skilled field flew their bikes off of the vertical ramp to dirt landing built inside U.S. Bank Stadium, with Colby Raha besting Tyler Bereman for the gold medal by just over a foot. Jarryd McNeil was an early favorite for a medal until a crash on his first run forced him out of the competition.

The Real Cost QuarterPipe High Air 1. Colby Raha, 355 in (USA) 2. Tyler Bereman, 341 in (USA) 3. Brian McCarty, 234 in (USA) 4. Tom Parsons, 230 in (USA) 5, Josh Hill, 228 in (USA) 6. Kris Foster, 215 in (CAN)

7. Jarryd McNeil, 0 in (AUS)

Brian McCarty | Bronze Medal Jump

Tyler Bereman | Silver Medal Jump

Colby Raha | Gold Medal Jump