Washougal stands out as being a bit different from the rest of the rounds in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship schedule. Between the track itself and the various events surrounding the race, there’s plenty to cover in this week’s Kickstart. When we weren’t taking a look at some of the nearby attractions for racers and fans alike, we made sure to check out all of the new gear on display. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget any classics either.

– With the exception of those who are new to racing, most everyone has been educated on the importance of a start. In fact, to a motocross fan hearing someone talk about why it’s key to get a good start is more like listening to white noise, or nails on a chalk board depending on who you ask. Either way, we know that these guys need to get a good start, but this weekend that age-old piece of advice really was true. Washougal is notoriously challenging to pass on, especially with added rollers to the insides of corners this weekend. Most who started up front stayed up front, and those who started behind had a hard time making up ground. Check out the highlights and results from the 250 class if you need any proof of this.

– There was one man who wasn’t going to let his start define his race though, and his name is Zach Osborne. The Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rider had to work from outside the top 20 to start the first moto of the day, and he managed to work his way into fourth when it was all said and done. Whether it’s this weekends start or last weekends potential bike failure, Osborne keeps putting himself in good positions to manage his points lead with three rounds left.

– On the other hand, Marvin Musquin captured 1-1 overall scores with two great starts. His speed at Washougal shouldn’t be overlooked either, but there’s no doubt that getting up front early helped him put down the fast lap times that allowed him to take home the win. Aaron Plessinger and Joey Savatgy each used good starts to win a moto during the day as well.

– Does the name Tommy Weeck ring a bell? The Washougal native has put in some incredible rides over the past few years and went on to ride for a few teams. Weeck has pursued a more normal lifestyle in recent years, working full-time and attending school, but his love for riding a dirt bike is still strong. With a few months of training under his belt, he returned to racing at the 2017 Washougal MX as a full privateer and placed 15th overall in the 450 class. It’s no joke scoring points at a National, and while it wasn’t his best result ever, he proved that he’s still got it.

– Another notable mention from the weekend was Justin Hoeft. The rider from California showed up with help from the 51FIFTY Energy Yamaha team and placed eleventh overall in the 450 class. If that wasn’t a good enough showing of Hoeft’s talents, he also finished third at the 2017 Thursday Night MX just days before Washougal to take home some extra cash.

– Bike brand breakdown by class:

250 Class Yamaha – 18 Honda – 6 Husqvarna – 6 KTM – 5 Kawasaki – 3

Suzuki – 2

450 Class Honda – 11 Yamaha – 7 Kawasaki – 7 KTM – 6 Suzuki – 6

Husqvarna – 3