On the Friday before the 2017 TransWorld Motocross SLAM Festival, the annual TransWorld Industry Cup was held at Milestone MX. The event hosted individual racers and teams representing a wide variety of motocross companies. For the second year in a row, the TransWorld Industry Cup was on a GP style course that covered portions of both tracks at Milestone, along with a section that passed through a barn, a nearly vertical uphill climb, and a long straightaway that allowed racers to hold the throttle open in the highest gear. It was a great day of telling stories, battling with friends, and bringing the industry together.

When it was all said and done, the Honda team won the Tretta-Motoda Cup with two dominant performances. That being said, the Answer Racing and motocutz mx teams both put in good results of their own and didn’t make it easy on the Honda guys. The Honda team was also pretty excited about the winning prize, a Traegar grill. Overall, the 2017 TransWorld Industry cup was a fun time with lots of great industry folks, and we look forward to next years event!

Overall Podium 1. Honda 2. Answer Racing

3. motocutz mx

Race One | Desk Jockey

Race Two | Intermediate

Race Three | Pro