2017 TransWorld SLAM | Pro Race Interviews | Transworld Motocross


Post-Race Talk With Bowers, Martinez & Hoeft


The TransWorld SLAM Festival hosted the SLAM Pro Race for the eighth straight year, but with a newly implemented racing format on a hybrid style SX/MX course, this year offered a completely different kind of experience for all in attendance. After both five lap motos, the checkered flag flew for Tyler Bowers who came out on top with race one winner Cole Martinez finishing in second and race two winner Justin Hoeft rounding out the podium. Swap and TWMX Contributor Chase Curtis caught up with the top three finishers following the race to get their take on the new two-moto format!

Moto One | Top Five Finishers 1. Martinez 2. Bowers 3. Mosiman 4. LaFountaine

5. Hoeft

Moto Two | Top Five Finishers 1. Hoeft 2. Bowers 3. Martinez 4. Mosiman

5. Tomita

SLAM Pro Race | Top Three Overall 1. Bowers 2. Martinez

3. Hoeft