The folks at Alta Motors were out in full force at the 2017 TransWorld SLAM Festival. From bike demos to the SLAM Pro Race, and the Hooligan Flat Track Race that followed, it was hard not to ignore the electric bikes. Riders like Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman pushed the bikes to their full potential and provided plenty of excitement for the fans. Following the race, Alta Motors put together some great video footage from the event. Below is all of the video from the weekend, including the SLAM Pro Race, the Hooligan Flat Track Race, and some bonus footage of Darryn Durham riding the Redshift MX on a Supercross track, which would come in handy in the Supercross section put in place at Milestone.

Redshift MX | Supercross test with Darryn Durham

Slam Fest | Durham races the Redshift

Altas Square Off at Hell On Wheels