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It’s hard to believe that the eighth round of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is in the books, but the summer series is full speed ahead after another exciting round. The 2017 Spring Creek MX was filled with all sorts of news from the get-go, as Trey Canard’s retirement was announced early on in the day. With tons of rain earlier in the week, the days racing was grueling and intense. This produced more of the same great action and surprising results we’ve grown accustomed to seeing all summer long. Best of all, the championships in each class are alive and well as the series continues onward.

250 Moto One

From the gate drop to the finish, the first 250 moto of the day was filled with action of all sorts. It was RJ Hampshire who would claim the holeshot, but Joey Savatgy was just inside of him and would quickly capitalize on a mistake from Hampshire to take the lead. Behind him was another battle between a whole host of title contenders. Alex Martin worked his way into second and opened up a gap, while Hampshire, Plessinger, Jeremy Martin, and Cianciarulo traded positions.

About midway through the moto, points leader Zach Osborne began catching the pack of riders in front of him and went to work. He made it as far as fifth and was in a battle with Hampshire for fourth when a huge cloud of steam began pouring out of his bike. From that point forward, Osborne’s focus would turn to making his bike go the distance with around seven minutes plus two laps left. Jeremy Martin would get around him to claim fifth, and Cianciarulo would be right behind in sixth.

When the checkered flag fell, it was all Joey Savatgy, who led the race without challenge. A few seconds behind was Alex Martin, followed by Plessinger, Hampshire, and Jeremy Martin. Osborne had fallen back as far as tenth, but crashes from Chase Sexton and privateer Steven Clarke allowed him to move into eighth. Impressively, the bike ran without coolant lap after lap and carried him to the finish line.

Total Race Time | 15 laps, 37:34.105 minutes

Laps Led | Joey Savatgy – 15 laps

Margin of Victory | 7.852 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Joey Savatgy – 2:25.060

250 Moto Two

We haven’t seen the number 38 machine of Shane McElrath running up front in awhile, as he has had to race through injuries sustained in Supercross. After a sixteenth place finish in 250 moto one, he raced up the inside and led the field through the first turn to grab the holeshot. Once again though, Savatgy was right there and would make a similar move to take the lead from McElrath. Cianciarulo, Jeremy Martin, and Osborne would find themselves rounding out the top five.

As the battle from third to fifth heated up, Jeremy Martin would make a big mistake heading up Mt. Martin. The near loop-out took him through the banners and off the track, where he would wait to fall back into position as the others came back down the hill. Shortly after, he would tuck the front end and give the position up to Osborne. Soon after, Osborne would make his way around Cianciarulo, then McElrath, and finally he’d set his sights on Savatgy. Behind him, Jeremy Martin would regroup and go to battle with his brother Alex. The pair would eventually catch and pass Cianciarulo. When the dust settled it would be Alex who would come away with the better finish in fourth.

With the minutes winding down in the second 250 moto, Osborne found himself on the rear wheel of Savatgy. The two would battle shortly, but Osborne would make a move up the inside and dropped the hammer. From there, he would open his lead up to 13 seconds and take home the win. Savatgy would still claim the overall victory with 1-2 scores. Shane McElrath’s good start would help him secure his best finish of the year in third.

Total Race Time | 15 laps, 37:43.678 minutes

Laps Led | Joey Savatgy 9; Osborne 6

Margin of Victory | 10.854 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Zach Osborne 2:27.704

450 Moto One

Despite a torn meniscus earlier in the season and a big crash at Southwick last weekend, Marvin Musquin rocketed out of the gate in the first moto of the day. Just behind him was last weeks podium finisher Dean Wilson, followed by Justin Barcia, Cole Seely, and the rest. Meanwhile, bad starts for Tomac and Baggett would force them to go to work early on. They would have plenty of work ahead of them though, as the group in front of them was locked in a tight battle.

Early on, Baggett would lead Tomac, but when he caught up to Cooper Webb, the two would make contact drag racing up Mt. Martin. Baggett would be forced to double the uphill triple, allowing Webb and Tomac by him. From there, Tomac went on a tear, fighting his way through the field to take over second place. Baggett’s progress was slowed, however, and he would only work his way into sixth. In front of him, Webb would battle his way up to fourth with a late charge. Wilson would hang onto third after battling the whole race with Barcia. Speaking of Barcia, he would finish the day in fifth.

With all of the battling happening behind him, Musquin would open his lead up to over 20 seconds and log fast lap after fast lap. Behind him was Tomac, who put in a good ride of his own and remains consistent this summer. Another good ride from Wilson would back up his podium finish at Southwick.

Total Race Time | 15 laps, 37:04.655 minutes

Laps Led | Marvin Musquin – 15 laps

Margin of Victory |  17.458 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Marvin Musquin – 2:24.800

450 Moto Two

Seemingly out of nowhere, privateer Henry Miller charged out front and stole the holeshot from Justin Bogle. His lead was short-lived, however, as he would hit a soft spot in the track that stopped the front wheel and flipped him over the bars. This allowed Bogle to claim the lead. Musquin, Tomac, and Baggett were right there early on, and it appeared as if the title contenders would finally battle head-to-head this season. It wasn’t long though before Tomac would get caught up in the huge ruts and go over the bars. With bent up handlebars he’d have his work cut out for him for the remainder of the moto.

Ahead of the action, Musquin and Baggett went to work on Bogle for the lead. He would almost crash in the sand whoops, but his save turned into a pass for first. Baggett followed behind, but he couldn’t chase down Musquin. Meanwhile, Tomac would go down a second time and slip back to fourteenth. He managed to overcome the early crashes though, and pushed forward to put himself into fifth by the end of the moto. It was another good moto for Wilson, who put in a solid ride for another third place finish, and behind him was his teammate Martin Davalos in fourth.

From qualifying to the final checkered flag, it was all Marvin Musquin today, as he would go on to finish with 1-1 scores for first overall. Baggett would finish second, but Wilson’s 3-3 finishes were enough to bump him to second overall. With 2-5 scores, Tomac would just edge out Baggett for third overall.

Total Race Time | 15 laps, 37:28.596 minutes

Laps Led | Justin Bogle – 2; Marvin Musquin – 13

Margin of Victory | 15.618 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Blake Baggett 2:25.579