Jeremy Martin Explains His Off-Track Excursion At The 2017 Spring Creek MX


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Jeremy Martin had a very strange moment in the second 250 moto at the 2017 Spring Creek MX, as he landed from a jump and then rocketed off the side of the track while ascending the very tall Mount Martin. The GEICO Honda rider did not rejoin the track where he went off and did not make the rest of the climb, but instead cut over the hillside and waited for the competitor he was behind at the time of the incident to pass by. It seemed very similar to the mistake that Joey Savatgy made at the 2017 East Rutherford SX and we expected a penalty to come down from MX Sports officials. On the same lap as the off-track excursion, Martin went down on a different section of the track and dropped further down the order.

2.11 On-Track Regulations

A rider leaving the course may continue the race by properly re-entering the course at the closest point to where the rider left the course, without gaining an advantage. If a rider leaves the course for any reason, the rider must immediately slow down to a safe speed so as not to endanger life or limb of other riders, crew members, officials, or the public. It will be the responsibility of the Race Director or his designee to determine whether the rider gained an advantage upon re-entry or failed to slow down after leaving the course. A rider may be determined to have gained an advantage without gaining a position.

At the end of the day, we separately caught up with Carrie Coombs-Russell of MX Sports and Martin and learned that he was not penalized for the mistake. In summary, MX Sports felt it would have been impractical for Martin to attempt to get the bike in the correct direction and try to climb the steep hill from a near dead-stop. We discussed what happened with Martin during our How Was Your Weekend interview and a transcript of that is below.

How was it today?

It was a rough day. I haven’t done this bad since my rookie year. I went 2-7 for fourth overall then and today I went 4-6 and I don’t know what I got overall. I was up there in the second moto and was battling with those guys, I felt comfortable but unfortunately, I got squirrelly going up Mount Martin and went off the track. I mean, the hill is so steep and the banners were there, so I would have to crush the banners to get back on the track and that would have been dangerous. I waited until the other guys came around and hopped back on where I thought I should have hopped back in, but then I went down and worked my way forward. So it was a struggle today.

Two questions regarding that. What caused you to go off of the track and what is your frame of mind when you have to make a split-second decision of where you will get back on the track? 

What caused me to go off the track was basically I scrubbed and landed, and tried to land on the rear wheel. When I jumped off of the landing of the triple going up the hill, I cross-rutted and put it into a wheelie and gassed it, then squirreled out and almost looped it. I knew that I couldn’t make it to the top of the hill when I went off the track because the banners are there and I couldn’t just cut the track, so I paid attention to where AC was and went onto the track in a safe manner when AC went by, because I went off of the track right behind him. I didn’t gain an advantage.

You said this is the worst result you’ve had since your rookie year. Has this summer been frustrating or are you finding positives for the future?

This whole year has been frustrating, to be honest. Nothing has come easy, not that I expected it to, but it’s been a grind. When you are winning and things are great, you aren’t building character. This is a learning year, mentally and physically, and you won’t always have a great year. You just keep working.