250 Moto One

The first moto of the day belonged to Jeremy Martin, as he led every moment from the drop of the gate to the checkered flag. That’s not to say that the GEICO Honda rider was unchallenged. Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna’s Zach Osborne spent the full duration in pursuit of the two-time MX champion and even looked poised to make a pass for the top spot multiple times, but Martin managed to wick the pace up a little more each time and held the lead. Alex Martin was the third rider in the battle at the front of the pack, but the Troy Le Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM rider’s progress was disrupted many times by lapped riders and he was never truly able to dice with the top two.

Further back in the field was an incredible battle for fourth through sixth place. Austin Forkner held the top spot in this group aboard his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki and had a small gap over the dueling Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha teammates Dylan Ferrandis and Aaron Plessinger. At certain points in the race, the trio was separated by just feet but the gap was a bit more extensive at the finish line.

The first moto did not go well for everyone in the GEICO Honda stable, as Cameron McAdoo went down early and aggravated an existing shoulder injury while RJ Hampshire was finished three laps down and at the bottom of the results sheet after running near the lead group in the early laps.

Total Race Time | 17 Laps, 35:59.193 minutes Laps Led | Jeremy Martin – 17 Margin of Victory | 4.601 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Jeremy Martin – 2:05.806 minutes

250 Moto Two

The second moto of the day started well for Jeremy Martin, as he again claimed the holeshot, but things came unraveled when he pushed the front-end of the GEICO Honda in the second turn and went down. Luckily, he and his bike were not damaged in the crash and he was able to rejoin the race. The crash by one Martin was a huge help to the other Martin, because Alex rocketed around his downed brother to take the lead on his Troy Lee Desings/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM and led the next ten laps of the race. Just when it seemed like Martin’s lead over Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Mitchell Harrison seemed safe, Martin tucked his front-end in a sandy corner and tipped over which handed control to Harrison. Martin was able to remount and finished the race in third place.

The next laps were wild, as Michigan-native Harrison sprinted in front of his home race fans and led laps for the first time this season. His time in the top spot came to in end in the final minutes of the moto because Zach Osborne launched an attack from second place and stole the lead in the long sand rollers. The two stayed together in the final laps of the race, with Osborne besting Harrison to the finish line for the moto win by just a few feet.

This wasn’t the only excitement in the top-ten, because a list of new riders held key positions early in the race. Traders Racing Yamaha’s Luke Renzland ran third behind Martin and Harrison for much of the moto, the best ride of his MX career so far, and slipped back to sixth in the final laps. Justin Hill stayed in the top-five for the full span of the race, a turning point in the season for the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawaski rider, while rookie Chase Sexton matched the pace of the experienced field for a seventh place result. Jeremy Martin recovered from his first-turn crash to finish eighth.

Total Race Time | 16 Laps, 34:27.920 minutes Laps Led | Alex Martin – 10, Mitchell Harrison – 3, Zach Osborne – 3 Margin of Victory | 0.931 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Alex Martin – 2:06.621 minutes

450 Moto One

A pair of massive pile-ups in opening moments of the race claimed riders at the start of the moto, including Cooper Webb, Weston Peick, Trey Canard, Broc Tickle, Josh Grant, and Jason Anderson, but helped setup an incredible moto at the front of the field. With many of their top competitors on ground, Marvin Musquin, Eli Tomac, and Blake Baggett raced together in the top-five spots and later for the lead at various points in the race. After they got around holeshot winner and early leader Christian Craig (first was Musquin, then Tomac, and lastly Baggett), they each traded passes for the key positions. Despite an ongoing knee injury, Musquin set the tone early aboard his Red Bull KTM and kept Eli Tomac at bay for two laps. His time at the top came to an end when Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Tomac carried momentum through a fast corner and forced his way to the front with a swift pass midway through. Soon Baggett got by Musquin and steadily closed to gap Tomac had built in the middle of the moto. The final laps of the race were epic, as Baggett blasted around the track on his Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM and pulled within feet of Tomac for the lead. Just when it seemed like the two were going to battle for the finish, Tomac upped his pace even more and pulled just far enough ahead to claim the moto one.

Despite being in the first turn crashes, Jason Anderson climbed back to fourth, Josh Grant back to tenth, Trey Canard to thirteenth, Weston Peick to fourteenth, and Broc Tickle to eighteenth. Cooper Webb suffered the hardest hit of the crash and despite rejoining the race in a valiant effort, was forced to pull out two laps in. He sat out the day’s second moto as well.

Total Race Time | 17 Laps, 35:40.158 minutes Laps Led | Eli Tomac – 12, Christian Craig – 3, Marvin Musquin – 2 Margin of Victory | 1.493 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 2:03.084 minutes

450 Moto Two

Justin Barcia jumped out to the early lead on his AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki and led nearly half of the race over title contender Eli Tomac. Barcia’s laps were some of the fastest of the class, but his time at the top came to a close when he lost control of the bike midway through a fast corner and fell down. He was able to remount and finish the race in sixth place. This crash put the race in Eli Tomac’s favor and from that point on the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider ran unchallenged to the checkered flag and his sweep of the day. Jason Anderson took second aboard his Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna, and when paired with his come from behind to fourth place finish in moto one, was one the podium with second overall. Marvin Musquin again managed to stay in the front group for the second moto and a fourth place finish put the Red Bull KTM rider third on the day.

All was not well for Blake Baggett in moto two, however. While running third on the opening lap, his intended line a corner intersected with Jason Anderson and the two old rivals made contact, which pushed Baggett’s front-end out of his hands. The incoming point leader quickly went back to his bike to join the race, but struggled to get it upright and going. He was shuffled far down the running order and spent the rest of the race fighting pack to a tenth place finish. The seventeen points lost by Baggett to Tomac on the day was not the worst of the news, because Baggett immediately went to the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit to have his left hand looked for fear of an injury.

Total Race Time | 17 Laps, 36.02.345 minutes Laps Led | Eli Tomac – 10, Justin Barcia – 7 Margin of Victory | 15.753 seconds

Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 2:04.870 minutes