The 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is set to run the fifth round of the season, the 2017 Muddy Creek MX. Located in Eastern Tennessee, the technical track is a newer stop on the schedule and challenges riders each year with deep ruts, big jumps, and a tight layout. As we near the halfway point of the summer, the field has taken a hit with injuries but others are on their way back after missing rounds with issues of their own. Check out the entry list…

2017 Muddy Creek MX | 250 Class Provisional Entry List

6. Jeremy Martin
16. Zach Osborne | The Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rider leads the championship.
17. Joey Savatgy
23. Aaron Plessinger
24. Austin Forkner
26. Alex Martin
31.RJ Hampshire
36. Adam Cianciarulo
38. Shane McElrath
39. Colt Nichols
42. Kyle Cunningham
45. Mitchell Harrison
46. Justin Hill
50. Luke Renzland
57. Jimmy Decotis | It appears GEICO Honda has activated their fill-in rider after he missed High Point.
74. Bradley Taft
78. Nick Gaines
105. Steven Clarke
108. Dylan Ferrandis
128. Cameron McAdoo
129. Sean Cantrell
130. Austin Root
172. Mark Worth
179. Jon Ames
183. Lorenzo Locurcio
200. Joachim Falden
209. William Lofstrom
228. Donny Brown
234. McCoy Brough
235. Tucker Cantrell
264. Tyler Kirschner
288. Parker Smith
299. Tucker Snyder
341. Nico Izzi
342. Michael Mosiman
419. William Kwiecinski
425. Joshua Leininger
446. Blaine Silveira
470. Kyle Hopkins
486. Chase Sexton
558. Jerry Robin
582. Britton Atikinson
613. Nick Schnagl
616. Chase Ray
640. Aaron Zielfelder
660. Stone Edler
700. Jimmy Weeks
702. Josiah Hempen
716. Timothy Crosby
746. Chase Stevenson
767. Mason Wharton
790. Mitchel Suire
818. Jimmy Barry
842. Jake Scott
847. DJ Christie
904. Jarrett Pesci


28. Mitchell Oldenburg | Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM rider suffered broken collarbone in a crash at Glen Helen.
43. Matt Bisceglia | Out for the start of the MX season due to a broken leg, has recently resumed riding for AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki.
44. Jordon Smith | After a practice crash at High Point, the Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM rider is out for Muddy Creek.
58. Chris Alldredge | Sustained multiple internal injuries in a crash with Shane McElrath at 2017 Seattle SX, is out for an undetermined amount of time.
59. Noah McConahy | Sustained back injuries in a crash at 2017 Seattle SX, is out for the remainder of the season.

2017 Muddy Creek MX | 450 Class Provisional Entry List

2. Cooper Webb
3. Eli Tomac
4. Blake Baggett | For the first time in his 450 career, the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM rider leads the championship standings.
14. Cole Seely
15. Dean Wilson
19. Justin Bogle
20. Broc Tickle
21. Jason Anderson
25. Marvin Musquin
30. Martin Davalos
32. Weston Peick
33. Josh Grant
40. Fredrik Noren
41. Trey Canard | Per Racer X, the Red Bull KTM rider is set to race Muddy Creek.
51. Justin Barcia | AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki rider expected to race after missing High Point due to a hit to the head.
70. Dakota Alix
81. Henry Miller
88. John Short
96. Vann Martin
125. Josh Mosiman
139. Nathen LaPorte
151. Dakota Tedder
154. Brandon Scharer
170. Zack Williams
181. Dustin Pipes
227. Cory Gilliam
265. Nick Fratz-Orr
267. Harrison West
270. Jacob Runkles
281. Max Tannenbaum
282. Theodore Pauli
287. John Snow
324. James Cooper
339. Bryan Bachman
399. Broc Peterson
401. Samuel Redman
407. Benjamin Nelko
409. Carlos Short
455. Justin Ashburn
467. Forrest Smith
475. Timothy Scouten
482. Riley Brough
522. Cole Zitterkopf
532. Rocky Cagno
538. Addison Emory
544. Morgan Burger
553. Brent Rouse
566. Jacob Rose
581. Kyle Bitterman
596. Carson Tickle
600. Connor Olson
604. Robert McConnell
606. Ronnie Stewart
622. Zac Maley
637. Robert Piazza
684. Justis Heckendorf
718. Toshiki Tomita
727. Bradley Esper
755. Todd Smith
777. Tristan Titus
795. Aaron Leininger
796. Michael Bidus
823. Logan France
839. Joren Berry
868. Michael Docherty
882. Austin Morrison
887. Thomas Coluzzi
909. Jacob Smith
920. Alex Wagers
921. Isaac Teasdale
924. Greg Durivage
927. Jamal Porter
932. Jared Schudel
957. Jarrett Thompson
961. Mario Testa
993. Austin Wagner


5. Ryan Dungey | Red Bull KTM rider announced his retirement from racing days prior to the start of 2017 MX season.
10. Justin Brayton | Has opted for Supercross-only contracts in the United States and Australia, turned down factory ride with Team Honda HRC for the summer.
12. Jake Weimer | On sidelines unless needed by AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki team.
18. Davi Millsaps | Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM rider to undergo surgery for injured wrists.
22. Chad Reed | Had a Supercross-only contract with Monster Energy/Yamalube/Chaparral/Yamaha Financial Services/Yamaha.
34. Benny Bloss | Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM rider out for the start of the MX season with a shoulder injury.
37. Phil Nicoletti | Out for multiple rounds due to a heel injury sustained at Arlington SX. Will return later to ride in the 450 class for AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki.
47. Malcolm Stewart | Deal with Stewart Racing/Ride365.com was only for Supercross. Has expressed interest in filling in for a team if needed.
48. Christian Craig | Team Honda HRC rider has opted out for Muddy Creek to further heal his hand.
67. Jimmy Albertson | Privateer is out for the remainder of the season due to injuries sustained at Daytona SX.
68. Heath Harrison | CycleTrader.com/Rock River Yamaha rider out for one round with a tweaked knee.
94. Ken Roczen | Out for undetermined amount of time due to broken radius and elbow and wrist dislocation sustained in Anaheim Two crash.
377. Christophe Pourcel | Has decided to withdraw from Supercross, will contest Canadian MX championship for Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna.
800. Mike Alessi | Racing Canadian series with Monster Energy/Alpinestars/Kawasaki.