We’re less than two weeks away from the unique event of the entire competition calendar, the 2017 Motocross of Nations. For one thrilling weekend, riders from around the world will represent their homelands for a three-moto battle at Matterley Basin in the England. The patriotic spirit of every person in attendance is impossible to miss, with fans from nearly every country in one place to see the battles unfold for the iconic Peter Chamberlain Trophy. In preparation for the race, event organizers Youthstream/MXGP have released the preliminary entry list. Every confirmed rider and team are listed below, from three-time and defending champions Team France to the newest entry of Team Iran.

TEAM FRANCE 1. Gautier Paulin – MXGP 2. Christophe Charlier – MX2

3. Romain Febvre – Open

When injuries sidelined original choice Dylan Ferrandis and backup rider Benoit Paturel, the French federation called up Christophe Charlier. A former MXGP rider that recently switched to traditional off-road disciplines, Charlier raced the MXON for France in 2013.

TEAM NETHERLANDS 4. Glenn Coldenhoff – MXGP 5. Brian Bogers – MX2

6. Jeffrey Herlings – Open

After nearly taking the overall win in 2016, the Dutch team has decided to stick with the same exact lineup for this year's race.

TEAM UNITED STATES 7. Cole Seely – MXGP 8. Zach Osborne – MX2

9. Thomas Covington – Open

The lineup for Team USA is a bit different than years past, as it will include two first-time racers of the event (Covington and Seely), with one being a full-time contender of the MXGP series (Covington). Osborne has raced the event in the past, albeit under the Puerto Rican flag, due to a rule loophole that allows American riders to represent the territory.

TEAM BELGIUM 10. Kevin Strijbos – MXGP 11. Julien Lieber – MX2

12. Jeremy Van Horebeek – Open

The addition of Strijbos comes just weeks after original team member Clement Desalle was sidelined due to an injury. All three riders in the lineup have raced the event in the past.

TEAM ITALY 13. Antonio Cairoli – MXGP 14. Michelle Cervellin – MX2

15. Alessandro Lupino – Open

There are some concerns regarding MX2 selection Cervellin, as the Team Honda HRC MX2 rider sat out the final round of the MXGP series due to a groin injury. As of September 18, it appears he will indeed race.

TEAM SWITZERLAND 16. Arnaud Tonus – MXGP 17. Valentin Guillod – MX2

18. Jeremy Seewer – Open

Like many others, the Swiss federation elected to re-enlist their 2016 lineup, but with Guillod and Seewer switching bikes sizes from last year.

TEAM GREAT BRITAIN 19. Max Anstie – MXGP 20. Tommy Searle – MX2

21. Dean Wilson – Open

This marks the return to Great Britain's roster for Dean Wilson, who was passed over in previous years by the team's old administration. Since Searle is coming off of a lengthy injury, it's been decided that he will compete in the MX2/250 position.

TEAM AUSTRALIA 22. Dean Ferris – MXGP 23. Hunter Lawrence – MX2

24. Kirk Gibbs – Open

Ferris is the only rider to have raced in the past at the MXON. Ferris and Gibbs battled for the Australian National MX title in 2017 and finished 1-2, respectively. Lawrence, meanwhile, is a full-time competitor in the MX2 division of the MXGP circuit and was a front-runner in the closing rounds of the series.

TEAM ESTONIA 25. Priit Ratsep – MXGP 26. Harri Kullas – MX2

27. Tanel Leok – Open

The Estonian team will have the exact same lineup as 2016 and 2015, as the three veteran racers have experienced success together at the international event.

TEAM CANADA 28. Colton Facciotti – MXGP 29. Shawn Maffenbeier – MX2

30. Tyler Medaglia – Open

Colton Facciotti's selection to the team comes after a third-place finish in the Canadian National MX championship and joins Maffenbeirer and Medaglia, two riders that represented the country in 2016.

TEAM RUSSIA 31. Evgeny Bobryshev – MXGP 32. Evgeny Mikhaylov – MX2

33. Semen Rogozin – Open

Russia's roster includes three riders that have all lined up for the MXON in the past, with Bobryshev and Rogozin racing as recently as last year. Mikhaylov is a veteran racer with past experience in the United States as a privateer and will fill the MX2 spot that was left open by the injured Vsevolod Brylyakov and the visa/immigration issues that hamper Aleksandr Tonkov.

TEAM SPAIN 34. Jose Butron – MXGP 35. Jorge Prado Garcia – MX2

36. Iker Larranaga Olano – Open

Spain recently shuffled their lineup, as Butron was brought in to fill the MXGP spot while Prado Garcia and Larranaga Olano practically swapped roles, which puts Prado Garcia in his usual MX2/250 class.

TEAM SWEDEN 37. Filip Bengtsson – MXGP 38. Alvin Ostlund – MX2

39. Fredrik Noren – Open

Another experienced trio of riders will represent the Swedes, with all three having past experience at the race, including Noren and Ostlund in 2016.

TEAM DENMARK 40. Nikolaj Larsen – MXGP 41. Thomas Kjer Olsen – MX2

42. Stefan Kjer Olsen – Open

Denmark's lineup is actually two pairs of brothers: the Kjer Olsen brothers will both race while one Larsen races and the other serves as team manager. Considering his run in the MX2 championship, Thomas Kjer Olsen could be a standout individual during the weekend.

TEAM CZECH REPUBLIC 46. Filip Neugebauer – MXGP 47. Petr Smitka – MX2

48. Jaromir Romancik – Open

TEAM NEW ZEALAND 49. Cody Cooper – MXGP 50. Josiah Natzke – MX2

51. Hamish Harwood – Open

The New Zealand lineup was forced to undergo a change in the middle of the summer, as original member Rhys Carter suffered a broken collarbone and was ruled unable to compete. Hamish Harwood was selected to ride in his place.

TEAM LITHUANIA 55. Domantas Jazdauskas – MXGP 56. Dovydas Karka – MX2

57 Arnas Milevicius – Open

The selection of Domantas Jazdauskas comes at the misfortune of Arminas Jasikonis, as the MXGP racer suffered a dislocated hip at the MXGP of USA nearly a month ago and is sidelined from the MXON.

TEAM IRELAND 58. Stuart Edmonds – MXGP 59. Martin Barr – MX2

50. Irwin Graeme – Open

TEAM PORTUGAL 61. Rui Goncalves – MXGP 62. Paulo Alberto – MX2

63. Hugo Basaula – Open

TEAM GERMANY 64. Max Nagl – MXGP 65. Henry Jacobi – MX2

66. Dennis Ulrich – Open

Germany returns with their same three-rider roster as 2016. The team did not make the main motos last year, as Nagl was taken out with an injury in Saturday's qualifying race.

TEAM SLOVENIA 67. Tim Gajser – MXGP 68. Jan Pancar – MX2

69. Jernej Irt – Open

TEAM BRAZIL 70. Marcello Lima – MXGP 71. Fabio Santos – MX2

72. Eduardo Lima – Open

TEAM SOUTH AFRICA 73. Richard Van Der Westhuizen – MXGP 74. Kerim Fitz-Gerald – MX2

75. Neville Bradshaw – Open

TEAM PUERTO RICO 76. Justin Starling – MXGP 77. Darian Sanayei – MX2

78. Marshal Weltin – Open

Due to a rule loophole, the entire roster for the small island is actually filled by American natives. Sanayei and Weltin are full-time racers in Europe, while Starling's selection was funded by the privateer's effort. Covington was originally selected to ride for the team, but when USA’s main effort called, he understandably took the offer.

TEAM HUNGARY 79. Mark Szoke – MXGP 80. Krisztian Robert Tompa – MX2

81. Gabor Firtosvari – Open

TEAM SLOVAKIA 82. Tomas Simko – MXGP 83. Richard Sikyna – MX2

84. Tomas Kohut – Open

TEAM FINLAND 85. Juuso Matikainen – MXGP 86. Kim Savaste – MX2

87. Jere Haavisto – Open

TEAM POLAND 88. Tomasz Wyscoki – MXGP 89. Gabriel Chetnicki – MX2

90. Szymon Staszkiewicz – Open

TEAM CROATIA 91. Janko Martinac – MXGP 92. Luka Crnkovic – MX2

93. Matija Kelava – Open

TEAM LATVIA 94. Toms Macuks – MXGP 95. Karlis Sabulis – MX2

96. Davis Ivanovs – Open

Noticeably absent from the team is newly crowned MX2 world champion Pauls Jonass, who has opted out of the race to recover from the race year and a past concussion.

TEAM UKRAINE 97. Dmytro Asmanov – MXGP 98. Volodymyr Tarasov – MX2

99. Roman Morozov – Open

TEAM GREECE 103. Georgios Ilipoulos – MXGP 104. Ioannis Touratzidis – MX2

105. Emmanouil Kritikos – Open

TEAM ICELAND 106. Ingvi Bjorn Birgisson – MXGP 107. Andri Gudmundsson – MX2

108. Eythor Reynisson – Open

TEAM LUXEMBOURG 109. Eric Tabouraing – MXGP 110. Billy Lux – MX2

111. Bjorn Frank – Open

TEAM ISRAEL 112. Tomer Harel – MXGP 113. Dan Maya – MX2

114. Ziv Karmi – Open

TEAM THAILAND 115. Ben Prasit Hallgren – MXGP 116. Kritsapa Potaton – MX2

117. Chaiyan Romphan – Open

TEAM NORWAY 118. Hakon Mindreboe – MXGP 119. Kevin Horgmo – MX2

120. Magne Klingsheim – Open

TEAM ARGENTINA 121. Joaquin Alberto Poli – MXGP 122. Juan Pablo Luzzardi – MX2

123. Jose Gerardo Felipe – Open

TEAM IRAN 124. Amirreza Sabetifar – MXGP 125. Ali Borzoozadeh – MX2

126. Alireza Parvareshbaladi – Open