There's Plenty To Discuss From The 2017 Las Vegas SX


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PHOTOS | Antonovich, Davis & Swanberg

How do we begin this post? The final round of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series, the 2017 Las Vegas SX, was by far one of the best races in the history of the sport. There were plenty of storylines to take in as the weekend approached and tension increased with every interview or sound blurb that came out in the hours prior to the gate drop. When it was all said and done, we were treated to the crowning of two champions and battles that are worthy of a second/third/tenth watch. Enough talk, let’s re-live the weekend with news and images…

– Typically the Friday press conference is used as the platform to announce the schedule for the next year’s Monster Energy Supercross Series, but that was not the case this time around. We’ve heard rumbles of sweeping changes to the format (three main events ala Monster Energy Cup or a “chase” to the championship like NASCAR) and the addition of new cities, even with a chance of some international dates. With no news or details even hinted at, we’re going to have to wait a while longer to hear confirmation for the future of the sport.

– Tough day for Marvin Musquin. The Red Bull KTM rider had the pace of the front-runners in practice, but had to qualify for the main event via the semi races. A hard crash at the end of the whoops, a section that Musquin struggled with during the day, brought his night to swift end. Nevertheless, Musquin’s success through the full season helped him take home third in the 450 championship.

– What top-tier team poaches Hayden Mellross from 51Fifty Energy Yamaha in 2018? The Australian has improved with each season and ran near the front of the pack for much of the 250 Shootout until a series of fast passes shuffled him back the running order, but an eighth-place finish against the full field of 250 riders is an accomplishment that deserves some attention.

– Wonder what was said between Shane McElrath and Austin Forkner after their run-in and pile-up at the start of the 250 Shootout.

– Josh Hansen was barred from competition after a run-in with Justin Starling shortly after the first practice session of the day. The two riders reportedly exchanged words after a close call on the track, but something that Hansen did caught the eye of the AMA and they handed down a decision on the spot.