It just keeps getting better by the week, and when the gang rolled into High Point Raceway for round four of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series the weather (pretty much) held out for another perfect weekend. With an enormous amount of work put into the western Pennsylvania facility, it definitely showed with impressive crowds and racing that delivered. Let’s start the week off proper with Monday Kickstart from High Point!

– Talk about a facelift. From the start all the way to the changed finish line location this circuit was very different. When discussing the new layout, Davey Coombs of MX Sports spoke of improving what was a notoriously unfair start layout for those positioned on the right side of the box. Combine that with a quicker, near 180 degree turn which made it safer and gave plenty more viewing room for the fans, and we think they nailed that one. Most riders welcomed all of the track changes, and it’s nice to see strides like this to improve our national tracks. Bravo!

– With all these track changes came the removal of the famous “Bradshaw Boulevard” which was named after none other than the Beast from the East Damon Bradshaw. As the legend himself was on hand, they interviewed him and also spoke of replacing his piece of the circuit with another. Bradshaw is still a badass, and the Boulevard will live on…

– The other immediate factor to a race beyond the facility is weather, and Pennsylvania (or most of the East Coast for that matter) is known for it’s potential weather and thunderstorms. Friday nigh after they had watered (going off the forecast of predicted light rain) down came some rain, and that made for a slop fest in the first practices along with a rough track for the races. This was one gnarly track throughout the whole day, and watching it in person is something else.

– Big news broke mid day when Marvin Musquin pulled out of the second timed practice. Rumors of a knee injury swirled the pits, and after he gritted through both motos the team released the PR regarding a torn meniscus in his knee. As of now he plans to ride, but we may see Marvin scheduled in for a quick arthroscopic surgery come a two-week break if it’s a minor tear. Time will tell, but one thing is certain: Marvin’s got heart for improving his results in that second moto. (More information HERE on this.)

– Four rounds in, Blake Baggett is the first repeat overall winner in the 450 class. It’s safe to say that these results are a welcome change to the past years of domination from one or two riders. Lets keep this excitement rolling next weekend!

– The day was set to take off for the first 450 moto until gate issues caused quite a hold up. Apparently the brand new gate had a two-stage release, and the first release wasn’t unlocked. The result was a clicking noise and a flinch in the gate causing visitor Dean Ferris to launch right into it. Upon the re-rack, a camera man then somehow stepped on the gate release by mistake causing the second hold up. After this few minute debacle they got it all running smoothly, and this was the only hiccup in the day’s schedule.

– In completely weird news, did you listen to our “How Was Your Weekend?” Interviews? Colt Nichols cross-rutted and flew off the track, hitting a Bobcat Dozer in the process. As he mentioned, it broke his throttle tube and sliced his tire causing him a DNF. We’re very thankful it wasn’t worse, and you can have a listen in the 250 Class video found HERE.

– When Wil Hahn signed up for team manager of Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha he may have never imagined what he would end up seeing on the side of the racetrack in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. After Aaron Plessinger’s crash in timed practice he was seen in obvious pain, only to sit down on the side of the track to check his private parts. Wil Hahn best described the situation via his Instagram: “The moment when you look and instantly regret being too close ….. @aaronplessinger_23 glad you were ok but that image is burnt into my eyes…” Rumor has it there was tape involved in him being able to go out and moto and we’ll leave that up to your imagination.

– With a second moto to write home about, Eli Tomac has work to do in the consistency category to make a mark on this points deficit but the title favorite of many sure has the speed. We predict there will be some epic motos in the coming weeks…

– In the small bore class, Zach Osborne remains in control after leaving round four. The number 16 will lead into round five with an 18 point lead over his main rival Jeremy Martin.

– Want a laugh? Watch Cole Seely’s “Sponsor Me Vid” for the currently popular fidget spinners that he made during the down time of the weekend off. (It’s a joke people): CLICK HERE

– Bike brand breakdown by class:

250 Class Yamaha – 17 Honda – 9 Kawasaki – 5 KTM – 6 Husqvarna – 2

Suzuki – 1

450 Class Honda – 10 Yamaha – 7 Suzuki – 7 Kawasaki – 5 KTM – 6

Husqvarna – 5