The List: 1984 Win Ads


If you’re smart enough to subscribe to Racer X Illustrated, you certainly can appreciate the power of the written word, in print, and the wit and wisdom of a properly turned phrase (not sure if this sentence is a good example of that. Hmm).

The latest issue features a cool retrospective piece by Eric Johnson chronicling the battle for the 1984 AMA Supercross Championship. EJ dialed up the main players—Johnny O’Mara, Jeff Ward, Bob Hannah, Rick Johnson, Ron Lechien, and David Bailey to get a round-by-round account of the season, which took place smack dab in the middle of one of the most competitive eras in supercross history.

From works bikes, to legendary riders, and even retro touches like wild sponsor names for each obstacle, the 1984 story signals a time gone by. Furthering that point are the win ads each brand purchased during the season. Properly-turned phrases? Wit and wisdom in print? Yeah, it’s here in spades, as well as some great ad copy. Like the bikes or the tracks, they don’t build ads like they used to.

Check out our latest magazine for the story, but check out The List this week to see all of the 1984 supercross win ads.