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High Point Raceway Mt. Morris, PA Race Center: High Point Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship

Country roads, take me home! Okay, okay, High Point technically sits in Pennsylvania, but anyone associated with this race knows that its roots are in West Virginia. MX Sports and Racer X are both located just minutes from the Mt. Morris front gates, making this the home race for a powerful segment of the moto world. There is a strong sense of pride for this round and that’s reflected in every aspect. Not only is it the local race for this website, it is also one of the longest running rounds of the series. This year, though, the track has undergone some big changes.

If you went back and watched old race tapes, the “High Point National” would be tree-lined and green with vegetation. The rolling hills wound in and out of wooded areas, making it scenic but also very hard for spectators to follow the action. For 2017, that will no longer be an issue. The trees have been cleared allowing for full viewing across the valley and that’s not all. Several layout changes were also made, giving a new feel to the facility. There have been several amateur races held on the new layout but for the National, track builders will add a bit of flair. The old uphill start has given way to a big sweeping first turn and the finish line section has been completely redesigned. Sure, some of the historic sections like Bradshaw Boulevard will be missed, but we'll see if the new sections make for a better track. The goal was to create more of an amphitheater feel so fans are able to see the action regardless of where they are located. This year should be a better experience than ever.

There was a lot of talk after Thunder Valley about who is going to be the man to beat in the 450 Class. Saturday will bring less talk and more action. Who can back it up when it’s time to man up?

The 250 Class has been all over the map. Will the chaos continue or do we see some normalcy return?

Will Chase Stallo survive the Racer X party tonight?

Does Dylan Ferrandis benefit from the new layout for Mt. Morris or will the American riders still have too much of an edge?

The move east always changes the dynamic for a few. Who moves up and who moves back?

Blake Baggett made a statement in Colorado. His 3-1 scores were even more impressive than the scores indicate.

Justin Bogle won his first ever 450 moto at Thunder Valley. It was a huge step forward for the RCH/Yoshimura Suzuki rider and proof that maybe his move to Tallahassee will pay dividends long term.

Alex Martin won his first moto of the season, which put him squarely in this title fight.

Joey Savatgy bounced back with a vengeance, winning the second moto and overall. After a horrific month of May, his June is looking up.

Can Baggett repeat his dominating performance this weekend?
Can Baggett repeat his dominating performance this weekend? Rich Shepherd

Eli Tomac suffered from arm pump issues, pushing him off the podium at round three. He’s vowed he’ll return to his old form in PA.

Zach Osborne had his share of tough luck at Thunder Valley, suffering from an illness and losing several points in the process.

Aaron Plessinger threw a moto win away and that makes two big crashes in the young 2017 outdoor series. He is a contender, but mistakes are ruining the big picture.

Justin Barcia hasn’t been able to capitalize on his good starts and must be mega frustrated. I’ve heard he’s suffering from arm pump, which would make sense when you  watch him slide backwards.

Barcia went 9-11-9 overall at the first three rounds.
Barcia went 9-11-9 overall at the first three rounds. Rich Shepherd

Tom Baggett finds a way to become famous on Friday, evening the score between the Baggetts and Tomacs.

Jason Weigandt and Grant Langston miss the start of the first moto for the second time in their career, this time equally due to both Red Bull and vodka.

Zach Osborne climbs back to the top, winning the overall and extending his points lead.

James Stewart does not race and there is no news on his return.

Somebody with the name Martin wins a moto in the 250 Class. Jeremy, Alex, Davalos, Scorsese. Someone wins something.

Tim Cotter suffers a blown voice box screaming about West Virginia being God’s country during opening ceremonies.

Osborne wasn't feeling his best in Colorado.
Osborne wasn't feeling his best in Colorado. Jeff Kardas

Zach OsborneJeremy Martin

Joey Savatgy