Joe DeGano and Gary Bailey Introduce Professional MX Coach Certification Program


Boise, Idaho – Joe DeGano, owner of MX Coach, and MX Professor Gary Bailey of Gary Bailey Motocross Schools, have teamed up to create the Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification—a program that trains and mentors candidates to:

1.) Be a professional motocross coach and have your students realize breakthrough results.

2.) Own and independently operate a successful motocross coaching business.

DeGano and Bailey will personally train and mentor candidates through a rigorous and extensive program that requires 55 hours of training with over 20 hours of it on the motocross track.

Candidates will be trained and licensed in the championship-winning GBMX Technology* and be mentored to be a coach, which is distinct from being a trainer, instructor, or teacher.

* GBMX Technology—Gary Bailey's motocross techniques and methodologies are a scientific approach to the laws of physics as related to motocross and athletics.

Be a MX Coach was created in response to the market demand for professional, effective, and superior coaching, training, and instruction worldwide for motocross competitors and dirt bike riders of any age, racing class, and ability.

The first Be a MX Coach program starts on August 7, 2017, and includes a three-day on the track coaching camp with DeGano and Bailey.

To apply or for more information visit: www.BeAMXCoach.com, e-mail [email protected] or call 208-841-9655