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Hey Ping,

Longtime reader and second-time writer. I must ask with the new main event format that they are going to run at a few races this season, what will happen if someone wins the night with 2-2-2 scores? Will the forums explode with how that rider didn't actually win, and will there always be an asterisk next to their name in the record books? It wouldn't matter to me at all because you have to earn that win either way and the win bonus check cashes the same! Keep up the good work!

P.S. We are proud to be your newest dealer selling Racer X Illustrated, plus I get to read it at work now!


Shane Brown, Bangor Motorsports

Where do YOU read Racer X?
Where do YOU read Racer X?


Thanks for becoming a Racer X dealer! Just don’t let customers know you’ve had one of the issues with you in the bathroom when your morning coffee kicks in. There isn’t anything under the sun that folks won’t argue about on internet forums. Go on Vital MX and start a thread about how the sky is blue and watch fifty know-it-alls tell you what a jackass you are for thinking that. A win is a win is a win; the record books will show it and so will the rider’s bank account. The three-moto format will award those who start well, have sprint speed, and can put those things together with consistency. Does that sound easy? The new format may be even more difficult in some ways. Thanks for writing in and selling the magazine!



Looking for some advice… Winter is here in the northeast and I am planning my attack on 2018. As a lifelong motocross racer at 27 years old, I think it's time to try something new and potentially safer. I am looking to start racing hare scrambles and enduros in 2018. This is where the planning comes in. I currently ride a 2010 Kawasaki 450 and I am long overdue for an upgrade or rebuild. Now that I am heading towards a new type of racing, do I spend the cash on rebuilding my current 450 into a custom enduro powerhouse or wheel it into the trophy room (garage) and go 2-stroke and buy a new KTM 300?

Appreciate any advice.

P.S I don't know why I did not make the move sooner; I have zero chance at ever earning a dime on a dirt bike and I will get way more seat time at a scramble or enduro. Is this the future?

Thanks again and I wish you a safe healthy 2018 in all that you do. 


This thing is straight sex on wheels.
This thing is straight sex on wheels.


For that type of racing you’re going to want something quick, light, nimble, easy to start, and easy to work on. Four-strokes are fast, heavy, difficult to kick-start, less nimble, complicated to rebuild, and expensive. You could dump a bunch of cash into your old bike and you’ll still have an old bike. Sell it and use that money to find a good 300 for yourself. You’ll also need a hydration pack, some physical fitness, and reflexes quick enough to keep you from going headfirst into a tree while you zip through the woods in the Northeast. I don’t know where you can find those things, but they are just as important as your bike choice. Best of luck and try not to freeze this winter.


Dear Ping

I believe it's about time our sport progressed a little in terms of presentation. In particular, what is worn to press conferences. I have to say that Roczen was looking very good in his suit at A1 last year. Why not make it the standard? I understand it may not be possible for the riders wears suits to all of the press the conferences, but at least some of the big ones. A1 and Vegas and maybe a few others.

Great column, always enjoy reading.


This guy.
This guy.


Looking very good, huh? I’ll give him your email address and maybe you two can go out for beer and sauerkraut. I actually thought it was a cool showing last year as well. Baseball players don’t show up to their pressers in their team uniform, so why should we? But I also don’t want every rider to show up looking like they just borrowed one of their dad’s business suits out of his closet, either. Motocross is an edgy sport dominated by kids with a lot of money, no high school diploma, and egos as big as the stadiums they race in. Personally, I’d love to see Jason Anderson show up in a tuxedo on Friday, just to one-up Ken. Maybe even a powder blue Lloyd Christmas tux with a top hat and cane. I don’t know what the Feld guys would think about it, but it would be great. Differing personalities make for good entertainment. 

I don’t know if you remember snowboarding legend Shaun Palmer, but that guy was entertaining. He would show up to a function with a Bozo the Clown haircut and a green Daffy Duck three-piece suit and act like it was totally normal. He had a crown he would wear on the podium when he won and a shiny gold suit to go with it, and the trash talking he did would make Connor McGregor blush. He was outlandish and nuts, but he was entertaining. I’m not saying Dean Wilson should shave a cul-de-sac in the top of his head tomorrow night and track down some clown shoes, but if each of these guys really let their personalities come through in their appearance and their interviews, this sport would be unimaginably fun.

What is likely to happen? Roczen will show up in a suit again, everybody else will be in team shirts. The same bland drivel about pre-season prep and strategy will go on and on for a few hours and then all in attendance will eat salty lunch meat sandwiches on crescent rolls. For over a decade, these press conferences have made vanilla seem spicy. No worries… Saturday is just hours away!